Warehouse also focuses on sustainability

When a company outsources the warehouse of its products, the aim is usually savings and flexibility. Companies can achieve cost savings of 10-30% by outsourcing logistics flows to an industry partner. Increasingly, they also expect responsibility for the environment and their employees.

Many pay fixed costs for their own warehouses, even when they are half full. Transval optimizes space utilization and security of supply for its customers by providing warehousing services to importers, online retailers, wholesalers, industry and factories. Warehousing should never be a bottleneck to growth or security of supply. Recently, the need for companies to strengthen their local buffer stock against international supply problems has also been highlighted. On the other hand, if for one reason or another a company experiences a sudden drop in volumes, it must be able to adjust quickly. And it is increasingly important that everything is done responsibly.

Energy from your own site

The latest example of sustainable development in warehouse is the new 30 000 square meter warehouse that Transval will be commissioning this year in Sipoo. In this warehouse, sustainability issues can be effectively addressed from the very beginning. In the yard of the warehouse, 300-meter deep wells have been dug for the heat pump system. The aim is to produce 90% of the warehouse's heat energy needs with geothermal heat and the rest with electricity. 5-10% of the electricity will be generated by solar panels on the roof of the warehouse. As Transval only buys green electricity, the heating system produces no carbon dioxide emissions.

Optimizing the use of space saves energy

Transval also aims to minimize the consumption of energy and environmentally harmful chemicals in its warehouses. For example, temperature-controlled rooms are cooled by means of a geothermal system without refrigerants. One of the most important ways to save energy is to optimize the use of space - that's why the warehouse has mobile shelving, which can be reduced to a small space whenever there are no products to be picked from the shelf space. The Sipoo warehouse also pays special attention to the energy losses of the loading docks. Trucks are always driven into watertight doorways and open docks are fitted with quick-closing doors that close automatically as soon as forklift traffic between the warehouse and the truck is interrupted.

New forklift trucks with lithium-ion batteries will also make everyday work smoother. The forklifts can be charged flexibly, even during short breaks, without the need for separate charging space and spare batteries. Lighting is usually the biggest electricity guzzler in warehouses, which is why Transval uses energy-efficient LED lights in all its warehouses (320 000 m2). The warehouses are also equipped with intelligent building services control, so that lighting meets the needs of each area and reacts to presence. The lights are therefore only on when lighting is needed.

"The new forklift trucks with lithium-ion batteries will also make work smoother. The trucks can be charged flexibly, even during short breaks, and we don't need separate charging stations or spare batteries."

Intelligent control in building services

Intelligent control in building services is also used effectively in warehouses. Warehouses are already monitored centrally and will become increasingly automated in the future. At the Sipoo warehouse, for example, the need for heating and cooling is predicted according to weather forecasts. If it's a warm day after a cold night, the control system reduces the heating during the night to avoid the need for cooling during the day. By controlling energy consumption and choosing energy sources, among other things, Transval is aiming for zero emissions by 2030, as its parent company Posti Group does.

Joining the team of industry pioneers

Alongside environmental responsibility, attention is also being paid to social responsibility. When a customer company decides to outsource the warehouse of its products to Transval, it does not have to lay off its own logistics staff. As a rule, the new customers' staff will be transferred to Transval as a result of the outsourcing. Logistics professionals will be able to work in their own company, learn new skills and grow and develop in their own logistics profession in a team of industry pioneers.

But safety at work comes first

Safety at work is the cornerstone. Everyone should be able to come home from work in good health, whatever the job. Transval has been awarded all three major ISO certifications related to quality, environment and safety: quality management systems, environmental management systems and occupational health and safety management. The holding of all three certificates is not common in the logistics sector. In particular, ISO 45001, which focuses on health and safety at work, is still rare in the logistics sector. For the company, occupational safety and employee well-being are of paramount importance, and all staff are constantly investing in this. The application for certification has been driven by stricter customer requirements, but above all by the company's own desire to raise the bar, particularly in safety and environmental matters.

Transval wants to be a pioneer in the logistics sector. The advantage of standards is that they provide guidance for standardized operations. Only once a standardized approach has been adopted can the process be systematically developed. Standards provide the basis for development to achieve better safety at work, better quality, reduced environmental impact and time savings. This results in cost savings for customers and improved service performance. This will ensure continuity in the future - in a responsible way.

"Holding all three certificates is not common in the logistics industry. In particular, ISO 45001, which focuses on occupational health and safety, is still rare in the logistics sector."

Video: the latest example of sustainable warehouse development is the new 30,000 square meter warehouse that Transval will commission this year in Sipoo.

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