We want to be a pioneer in the logistics sector in terms of safety, quality and the environment

Transval has been awarded all three major quality, environment and safety certifications: the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management. The certificates have been awarded by DNV GL.

Transval's Development Director Vesa Rinne emphasises that holding all three certificates is not common in the logistics industry.

- In particular, ISO 45001, which focuses on occupational health and safety, is still rare in the logistics sector. For us, occupational safety and employee well-being are of paramount importance and we are constantly investing in this.

We have applied for these certificates in response to stricter customer requirements, but above all to our own desire to raise the bar, especially in safety and environmental matters.

- We want to be a pioneer in the logistics sector. The advantage of standards is that they guide us towards standardized operations. Only when a standardized approach is in place can the process be systematically developed. Standards provide the basis for development to achieve better safety at work, better quality, reduced environmental impact and time savings. In this way, we achieve cost savings for our customers and improve our service performance. This will ensure the continuity of our operations in the future.

Rinne says: "Saving time is also saving costs. Optimization of material flows and lead times are therefore key issues in logistics today. They are an excellent indicator of process performance and how service levels can be maintained as volumes fluctuate.

Towards carbon-free services by 2030

Transval, as part of Posti, is part of an ambitious climate goal where one of the key targets is to zero fossil emissions from its own services by 2030.

- The target is ambitious and tough, but achievable. We are all working towards this across the company.

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