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Good packaging protects the product. This ensures that the packages are easy to handle and products are delivered intact.  

The added value of functional and high-quality packaging is emphasized in logistics. The diversity of customers’ products in terms of size and shape sets certain requirements for both the design and implementation of packaging. In order for the product to reach its destination intact, the packaging must be precisely dimensioned and withstand logistic processing.

Transval service pakkauspalvelut

Transval is Finland’s leading supplier of packaging solutions for the industrial sector. We have intriguing insight into packaging because we process millions of packages every year.  The design and development of packaging solutions is a key part of our service portfolio. In addition, we handle the manufacture of packaging and offer separate project packaging services to our customers. At Transval, practice and design go hand in hand and thus guarantee a fast and efficient packaging service for our customers.

“Companies often use too much or too little packaging. When you use too much packaging, you waste material and money. But using too little packaging is actually a bigger waste of money as it compromises the safe transport of the product.” 

By continuously developing our packaging materials and processes, we generate cost savings and improve our customers’ competitiveness. We are pushing forward the development of industrial packaging and are involved in the international network of export packers INPRO as the only Nordic and Finnish company.

We also chair the steering group of the MerDiLogis project, which is the first in Finland to collect information on best packaging practices and openly share it to all parties. In this way, we are improving both Finland’s competitiveness and the safety of the logistics chain from end to end. 

“We are committed to sharing our expertise openly and creating a level playing field in the market so that all players have equal access to information on best packaging practices. Companies are now able to demand the kind of packaging that best protects their products.”

Our packaging meets international packaging standards, and we fulfill the specific requirements of different markets. We combine the decades-long experience of our packaging service professionals with the latest innovations and best practices. Our customers make use of our competence from individual packaging projects to the outsourcing of all packaging operations. We also offer a competent packaging service quickly and flexibly as temporary help for peak periods charged by the hour. In addition, we provide companies with training related to topics such as cargo safety, packaging efficiency and environmental issues.

We are happy to discuss with you in more detail how advanced packaging services could take the logistic efficiency and quality of your delivery process to a new level.  

More than 600 large and industry-leading companies in Finland entrust their production or a part of it to us. Learn more and choose us as your logistics partner!






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