Growth and improved competitiveness with an industrial logistics partner

As part of our internal logistics services, we offer industrial solutions that make your production processes more efficient. 

We take over all material streams, from receiving goods to warehousing, set collection, delivery to production, assembly, packing, and send off. We streamline and optimise logistics for you, and as our customer you can focus on your core business.

Feeding logistics solutions bring efficiency to material flows

The demand for hybrid solutions has increased, and we now help many of our customers with feeding logistics. 
We take the process of receiving goods and collecting sets out of your warehouse. We receive components on your behalf and turn them into premade sets, for example by placing all parts of a machine on the same pallet. We deliver the set to your production cell when you want it there. 

When we take the process of receiving goods and collecting sets away from your warehouse’s premises, you can get rid of unnecessary shelves and free up production space. Your fitters can focus on their work. When the product is ready, we pack it and send it off. 

Leading with data helps you keep your finger on the pulse and identify areas for improvement

Changes happen constantly in industrial logistics. Data and IT systems are at the core of our work: they help us stay on track and deliver what you want, when you want it. 

Data is an important part of our work, and we also make it visible to your employees. We collect data about processes and turn it into analysis that you can utilize.

Data helps us improve ways of working and maximize the benefits. We identify, track and visualise the incoming material flow. We create analyses of suppliers to help identify potential problems or areas for improvement in your own processes. This will provide you with information that you can share with your procurement organisation, for example.

A shared delivery promise guides our work 

We set a delivery promise together with our customers, and it guides the way we work. The promise is concrete and based on numbers, like response times or failure rate. 

We always tailor the promise to your needs. For one customer, our delivery promise may be that all inbound goods are handled by 2 p.m. For another customer, it could be that a finished product is packed and ready for transport in two days. 

The delivery promise guides our work. It is a benchmark for our daily performance. You get direct access to all the key indicators, so you can also follow them daily. Our work together improves when the information is transparent, and it gives us a foundation for constant development. 

We are a flexible and responsible partner 

Above all, our customers currently want flexibility in production and warehousing. When you work with us, you gain a responsive partner that gives you flexibility when the world changes. Sustainability is an important part of our work, now and in the future. Alongside our parent company Posti, we are committed to pushing our own emissions into zero by 2030. The Science Based Targets initiative has approved our net-zero targets as the first company in our industry. 

Take advantage of our strong experience in industrial factory logistics 

We offer you the most extensive experience in total industrial factory logistics and manufacturing services on the market. Our service concept has been built together with leading Finnish technology companies. We bring our logistics expertise to the changing situations and development processes of manufacturing plants.
As your strategic logistics partner, we help you find opportunities for growth and efficiency. Together with our parent company Posti, we offer all logistics value chain services conveniently under one roof.

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