Our new Vice President of Sales Jari Immonen is experienced in logistics

Jari Immonen is a new transvalian that strengthens our customer work in the role of Vice President, Sales. Jari brings along strong expertise and passion toward the logistics industry.


In Transval, Jari is responsible for the sales and customers in warehousing and in-house logistics. Before joining Transval, Jari has been CEO in Steveco Oy and Kaukokiito, and has also worked for PostNord and DSV. He has also been active in different industry organizations during his career.

”It’s great to join the market leader. I’ve gotten to know Transval values and ways of working during the past 20 years through different partnerships. I respect the professional, dynamic, and stand-up attitude of transvalians. It’s great to be working with all these professionals, who I’m sure will also develop me further,” Jari says.

All-encompassing solutions for customer needs

Jari’s interest in Transval was sparked by the wide service offering and opportunities that a big company can offer. We can holistically support the customer throughout their logistics value chain, especially when taking our parent company Posti’s capabilities into consideration. It’s rare in the industry.

Jari wants to bring customer-oriented thinking into his new role. It’s important to listen to customers’ needs carefully and find solutions by utilizing diverse capabilities. Working with broad-ranging topics can sometimes be challenging, and that feels exciting to Jari.

Interest in logistics started it all

Jari has a lot of experience navigating the big picture of logistics and its principles, and still wants to learn and develop himself further. He is guided by a passion that sparked at a young age.

“I became interested in logistics after the army. Intuition led me to first get a degree as a logistical engineer, then to work in the field, and later to get a Master of Science in engineering. Studying was one of my best decisions. Even though I’ve been in the industry for a long time, I approach things with a humble and curious attitude. Logistics is one of the most challenging industries, and you get to develop constantly – the limit does not exist,” Jari says.

In his free time, Jari spends his days renovating, tinkering, and travelling.

“An old cabin in Saimaa, a traditional home in the Sipoo countryside, and two motorbikes keep my hands full. As a curious person, I’ve also travelled around Finland and the world,” he shares.

Would you like to talk to Jari about the ways we can support your company in logistics? Get in touch!

Jari Immonen
Vice President, Sales
Phone number: 0400 499125