Transval's seasonal recruiting has started - do you need extra hands to cope with the seasonal volume peaks?

Autumn is on its way and for Transval that means the start of the seasonal recruiting! Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas bring with them a nice rush to the warehouses and the need for helping hands is high.

Flexibility and focus on your core business

Volumetric fluctuations require companies to be able to mobilise resources quickly and flexibly. When we handle your logistics for you, you can focus on your core business. We can provide you with trained personnel on short notice. In the middle of a rush, there's no time to train - even high volumes can be handled efficiently with logistics staff who know the ins and outs of different processes.

We have the logistics experts ready-trained

Transval's recruitment team handles seasonal recruitments with the professionalism of years of experience, and this year we are again looking for 200 logistics workers in Vantaa. If your company is in need of seasonal workers, we can help you!