Logistics outsourcing

Cost savings, flexibility and efficiency through logistics outsourcing

Transval is an expert in logistics outsourcing and a market leader in in-house logistics in Finland. We help your company focus on your core business, such as production efficiency and product quality in industrial. We optimize the use of space and delivery accuracy for you. We change fixed logistics costs to variable costs and offer scalability, functional flexibility, better quality and significant cost savings.

With our help, your company has the opportunity to achieve cost savings of up to 10–30% through logistics outsourcing as facility and personnel costs are determined on the basis of the resources used in accordance with flexible service agreements. Read more about increasing efficiency and cost savings.

We change fixed logistics costs to variable costs and offer scalability, functional flexibility, better quality and significant cost savings.

Logistics services tailored to the needs of our customers

We offer services in areas such as in-house logistics, industrial, warehouses, terminals, ports and shops as well as temporary staffing for logistics operations. Our construction logistics serves the construction industry. Our consulting service helps streamline operations through Lean processes.

Safe, reliable, responsible and certified pioneer

We hold the quality, environmental and safety certificates ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, with which we keep the bar high and meet the requirements of our customers.

New technologies support our continuous development. This allows us, as pioneers in the sector, to offer our customers the latest know-how for the development of in-house logistics and introduce new groundbreaking operating models into the entire industry in the future.

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Make an outsourcing decision – choose a reliable logistics partner

  • Make the decision on the change sufficiently quickly, trusting actual figures
  • Focus on your core business
  • Choose a reliable and competent logistics partner
  • Ensure that the partner has the competence to continuously develop the operations
  • Create and test the logistics cost structure and operating model together with the partner
  • Choose the most suitable degree of logistics outsourcing for your company
  • Purchase warehousing and the associated services from the partner; as a result, the costs of premises start to reflect the volume and machines and equipment are removed from your balance sheet
  • Outsource logistics work in part or in whole and continue cooperation with the partner on your premises
  • Outsource your own logistics employees to the partner. No need for layoffs and always the right number of skilled employees and amount of competence for any situation and moment.

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More than 600 large and industry-leading companies in Finland entrust their production or a part of it to us. Learn more and choose us as your logistics partner!

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