Industrial service centres

Industrial service centers as customized multi-customer environments

Transval has service centers for industrial project logistics and material flow management in Hyvinkää and Tampere, for example. The service centers respond to the fragmented logistics needs of the industrial sector with versatile facilities, a wide service portfolio and flexible professionals.

The service centers function as multi-customer environments and the services are tailored to respond to each customer’s needs. At the same time, our own operations are centralized to produce the best service portfolio. The centers’ services cover, for example, assembly, machine shop, packaging, project logistics, spare part and warehousing services for industrial needs. This frees up the customer’s production facilities for efficient production use.

Service centers in industrial customers’ production overflow situations

In factory logistics services, the general operating model has traditionally been to provide the service on the customer’s premises. In our industrial service center in Hyvinkää, this has been reversed: The customer’s production has been brought into a complete logistics environment at the service center. In these projects, the customer has had a need for production overflow capacity due to reasons such as large volumes or disturbances in their own premises. The facilities in the service center are suitable for the production needs of the technology industry, for example with regard to crane capacity or compressed air network. In addition, the logistics processes and the associated systems from product receipt to packaging are already in place. In other words, the customer does not need to invest in setting up the logistics infrastructure or converting temporary facilities to meet production needs.

LEAN and strong digitality ensures optimal material flows and constant development

The service center’s operating model design is based on the LEAN philosophy. When designing the facilities, special attention was paid to occupational safety, visual guidance and optimizing material flows. Process capacity is monitored in real time and in case of a process deviation, challenges are solved using LEAN Six Sigma methods.

We get up-to-date, measured information that supports the daily management and continuous improvement. In addition, we share the information in real time with our customers. Using LEAN Six Sigma methods, we are able to highlight development needs from this constantly growing data bank that you cannot see with the naked eye. The end result is an agile and cost-effective operating model. Read more about Lean methods and examples here.

The Hyvinkää industrial service center is the most versatile one in the Nordic Region

Located in Hyvinkää, the most versatile industrial service center in the Nordic Region operates as a logistics center for many industrial companies in Finland. The space is up to 45,000 square meters in size, which corresponds to approximately seven soccer fields. The plot is 60 hectares with 10 kilometers of rail network. Material flows to the service center are collected from suppliers, subcontractors and customers, and Transval’s wide partner ecosystem is utilized in the comprehensive service offering. This allows Transval to offer a quickly-tailored service portfolio for customers.

The plot of the Hyvinkää service center used to host VR’s machine shop, and its specialty is direct rail traffic to the main rail network. Trucks have halls they can drive through, which enables loading and unloading indoors, and materials are not exposed to the weather. The facilities have extremely versatile lifting capacity and the maximum lifting capacity is up to 150 tons. Rail traffic, passage halls and cranes enable a significant material flow and the safe and efficient handling of even larger assembly components. For example, there is no need to use the expensive harbor environment for assembling large projects, as we can do it cost-effectively in our service center.

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