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Outsourced warehousing services

Outsourced warehousing services

There is no single reason why companies outsource their warehouses  or consider doing so. Traditional reasons are related to savings, flexibility and scalability or focusing on their core business. There are also increasing expectations for taking responsibility for the environment and employees. Outsourcing is, however, an efficient way to boost competitiveness.

Warehousing outsourcing brings savings, flexibility, quality and efficiency

“On average, our customers achieve cost savings of 10–30 percent by entrusting us with their logistics flow. At the same time, they have the expertise of the industry leader at their disposal. The most important things are continuous improvement and sustainable optimization of logistics flows.” 


Customized and customer-specific outsourcing solutions are implemented through long-term partnership. The warehousing service is often seamlessly integrated into the customer’s ERP systems. Recently, the need for companies to strengthen their local buffer stock in case of international supply problems has also been increasing. 

“We ensure the flexibility of facilities, the number of personnel, equipment and machinery, and packaging materials and equipment. All this allows our customer companies to react quickly to increasing or decreasing volumes, to promise a decent delivery time to their own customers or to adapt their operations quickly.”

With our help, fixed logistics costs can be turned into variable costs 

We optimize the use of space and delivery accuracy on behalf of our customers by providing warehousing services with comprehensive value-added services for importers, online stores, wholesalers and players in the industrial sector, among others.  

The customer’s logistics-related personnel, facility and development costs are turned from fixed costs into variable costs, which lightens the balance sheet. At best, we help customers change as much as forty percent or more of their fixed costs to variable costs. Our customers only pay for events such as receiving products at the warehouse, storing them according to needs, and picking, packaging and dispatching them.  

Outsourcing the company’s warehousing or logistics operations does not mean that its own logistics personnel has to be given notice. As a rule, the employees of our new customers are transferred to us as part of the outsourcing. This allows logistics professionals to work for a pioneer in their own sector as well as learn new things, grow and develop in their own logistics profession.

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“Outsourcing the warehousing of chemicals is a strategically significant development step for our Group, which gives us a new kind of flexibility and focus in our core operations. At the same time, we can be certain that the processing of chemicals will be carried out in a safe and competent manner even in the future. We are extremely confident that Transval will be an excellent partner for us in this development.” Alexander Bargum, CEO of Algol Group, in a news article.

As our contract customer, you can request our customer service to provide you with information on our partner network and the terms and conditions for standard customer warehousing services.
Contact us! We are confident that our 320,000 m2 of warehousing facilities and the competence of our 5,000 employees will deliver a solution for your company’s warehousing needs!

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