Transval has been granted all three major quality, environmental and safety certificates – we want to be a leader in the logistics sector in these areas, too.

“Particularly ISO 45001, which focuses on occupational health and safety, is still uncommon in the logistics sector. For us, occupational safety and the well-being of employees are extremely important, and we are constantly investing in these areas.” 

Certificates issued to Transval:
•    ISO 9001:2015 Quality control systems
•    ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system
•    ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management.ManagementSysCert_ISO9001_14001_45001_col

The certificates were issued by DNV.


In all its business units, Transval has committed to constant improvement and complies with the ISO 9001 quality system principles in all its operations:
•    Continuously trains competent personnel
•    Aims to meet the customer’s quality requirements
•    Promotes and monitors customer satisfaction
•    Complies with all applicable official requirements
•    Ensures that there are enough resources available to monitor and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of its operations
•    Works towards improving the quality of the entire supply chain and everyone involved
•    Ensures the safety of all handled foodstuffs in its processes
•    Emphasizes that quality is everyone’s responsibility

The business areas are responsible for maintaining quality management systems that guide their operations, so that customer’s expectations are being met and added value is produced for the customer. Transval commits to operating in accordance with the quality management systems of their customers.


Transval identifies, evaluates and manages environmental aspects in its operations and is committed to:
•    Complying with all applicable environmental laws and standards, including ISO 14001
•    Reducing the fuel consumption of its vehicles
•    Reducing the energy consumption of its facilities
•    Maximizing the efficiency of material use in its operations
•    Improving recycling and enhancing reuse of different fractions
•    Considering environmental aspects in sourcing, subcontracting and investment decisions
•    Engaging in open discussion with its stakeholders to minimize its environmental impact
•    Ensuring enough resources for maintaining and constantly improving environmental operations
•    Reporting the company’s environmental impact annually and providing employees with information and the opportunity to operate in an environmentally efficient manner
•    Offering customers solutions that help them reduce the environmental impacts of their own supply chains

Business areas report and are responsible for the environmental impacts of their own operations and environmental projects.


Transval complies with all applicable laws and the requirements set out in the ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety. These five principles guide Transval’s occupational health and safety management:
Safety comes first
•    All accidents can be prevented – Transval is committed to a goal of zero accidents.
•    Safety is a part of all decision-making.
•    Processes are planned to take into account occupational health and safety.

The company’s directors and supervisors are responsible for occupational safety management
•    Each supervisor is in charge of leading the implementation of occupational safety in the framework of their own roles.
•    The roles of responsibility concerning occupational safety are clear and transparent for the entire organization.
Safety starts with me 
•    Each employee is responsible for their own safety and their colleagues’ safety at work
•    Transval encourages each employee to report observed occupational safety risks

The entire organization is committed to working together in order to develop occupational safety

•    We actively cooperate internally as well as with external stakeholders in order to improve common safety at work.
Improving occupational health and safety is proactive, consistent and systematic 
•    Transval expects everyone to comply with the occupational safety rules and to act accordingly.
•    All corrective actions are implemented without delay.
•    The occupational safety situation is systematically monitored on all levels of the organization.

Recording calls and messages

Suomen Transval Group Oy records calls and messages in order to verify their content. The recordings are used to ensure the rights and legal protection of the customer and Suomen Transval Group Oy.

The recordings can also be used in in-house personnel training in order to develop customer service and improve quality. The recordings will not be used for other purposes or disclosed to parties outside Suomen Transval Group Oy or the owner of the company, Posti Group Corporation, unless required by law.



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