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Warehousing of dangerous goods (TDG)

Warehousing of dangerous goods (TDG)

The legislation poses strict requirements for the warehousing, premises and procedures related to dangerous goods. The rights that Transval holds for the large-scale warehousing of dangerous goods, such as chemicals, are based on the most comprehensive legal requirements. The rights are granted by The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). We also take care of the statutory obligations related to chemicals on behalf of our customers – we are a responsible partner in the warehousing of dangerous goods for both our customers and the entire market.

Algol Chemicals relies on Transval to take care of the warehousing of its chemical products

“Outsourcing the warehousing of chemicals is a strategically significant development step for our Group, which gives us a new kind of flexibility and focus in our core operations. At the same time, we can be certain that the processing of chemicals will be carried out in a safe and competent manner even in the future. We are extremely confident that Transval will be an excellent partner for us in this development.” Alexander Bargum, CEO of Algol Group, in a news article.

We fulfill the requirements of the most comprehensive safety standards in Finland – we are a responsible and reliable partner

In the warehousing of chemicals, we fulfill the requirements of the most comprehensive safety standards in Finland, our procedures are certified and we regularly organize rescue trainings with our personnel and the rescue department. Our warehouses and procedures are certified in accordance with the areas of quality, environment and occupational health and safety.

Our warehouses have automatic firefighting and fire alarm systems, capacity of collecting possible leaks to the soil, which also includes wastewater from firefighting as well as fixed gas detectors on the premises.

In terms of flammable substances, the premises are constructed and designed in a way that protects the employees and environment from potential explosion risks. Our warehouse facilities selected for the warehousing of dangerous goods are located in areas suitable for the nature of the operations.

We ensure that Transval employees are pioneers and top-notch professionals in TDG warehousing. We train our personnel with external actors and in our own training unit.

If you need a responsible warehousing partner for dangerous goods, please contact us!