In-house logistics solutions

In-house logistics solutions, i.e. logistics operations performed on the customer’s premises

We have been a pioneer and specialist in in-house logistics in Finland since 1994. We offer tailor-made in-house logistics services and help your company focus on your core business, such as production efficiency and product quality in manufacturing. We also offer solutions for warehouses and terminals  as well as service warehouse space, customer-specific transport services and temporary staffing for logistics operations. Our consulting service helps streamline operations through Lean processes.

Transval sisälogistiikka terminaalipalvelut-

Terminal services – The terminal is a critical node in logistics

Terminal operations require a multidimensional view of the continuous flow of goods in and out. Transval’s fine-tuned process, competent personnel and modern equipment are highlighted in this uninterrupted 24-hour stream. They ensure that material flows continue swiftly their journey from the terminal to the destination and bring logistic efficiency to the process.

“Staying on schedule in and out of the peak season, picking and packaging products exactly according to orders every day and, on top of that, the flexibility of the service in case of additional unexpected orders. We’re very happy with this,” says Juha Salonen, CEO and owner of Leipomo Salonen, in a news article.

Our services comprise loading, unloading, sorting and outdoor site services, such as lifting services and yard maintenance. All Transval’s services are provided on a fee-for-service basis. For terminals, this means that prices are predetermined for each tonne handled. We provide terminal services for groupage extensively at our forwarding and transporter customers’ terminals, and we also process long and heavy goods with large machines on outdoor sites, including terminal tractor services. At ports, we focus on the handling of paper rolls and vehicle logistics. Our limited transport services to our customers include crane trucks, semi-trailers and vans.

Warehousing services – Continuous movement is the key to warehouse efficiency

The warehouse is the heart of in-house logistics, which is why it must operate reliably by all measures. We provide warehousing services for both large and small companies and all types of industries. Our warehousing services cover all operations from receipt to loading. We have professionals for both planning and implementation for all stages of warehouse operations. We know the IT systems of warehouses and are able to support our customers in the development of WMS systems. This is made possible by our knowledge of new system innovations and our extensive experience in system solutions for different operating environments.

Our efficient and reliable warehouse and dispatch unit operations ensure that orders are shipped out with exactly the right content. And at exactly the right time. Solid knowledge and good management of warehouse logistics is an important part of quality management and efficiency improvement measures targeted at the customer’s logistics process. We have experience in large service warehouses of transporters, chemical warehouses, warehouses of food industry players and wholesalers, spare parts warehouses of machine shops – and much more.

The warehouse logistics solutions are provided on the customer’s premises, where we always allocate the necessary personnel and equipment resources according to the current need. In addition to optimizing the use of space, the suitability of machinery and warehouse equipment and the competence of employees are key factors that increase efficiency and reliability.

“Outsourcing the warehousing of chemicals is a strategically significant development step for our Group, which gives us a new kind of flexibility and focus in our core operations. At the same time, we can be certain that the processing of chemicals will be carried out in a safe and competent manner even in the future,” says one of our customers, Alexander Bargum, CEO of Algol Group, in a news article.

We are a certified process developer that makes use of the latest technologies

As an expert of in-house logistics, we hold the quality, environmental and safety certificates ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, with which we keep the bar high and meet the requirements of our customers.

New technologies support our continuous development. This allows us, as pioneers in the sector, to offer our customers the latest know-how for the development of in-house logistics and introduce new groundbreaking operating models into the entire industry in the future.

Looking for a reliable and experienced in-house logistics partner? Contact us and we will tailor a service package that suits your specific needs!

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In-house logistics solutions

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