Sales Director Kai Kankaala reveals the benefits of a logistics partnership

Kai Kankaala leads our in-house logistics sales and has worked with our customers for 11 years. Through his experiences, Kai shares the benefits of working with a logistics partner.  


Logistics professionals take care of everyday work  

What most customers value most is the expertise of a logistics partner. We are professionals in what we do: running a warehouse is our core competence and that’s why we usually manage it better than the company itself. 

“We are a trustworthy and capable partner. Many turn to us when their operations grow or after a realization that there’s not enough strength in the organization for managing a warehouse,” Kai shares. 

With professionals, everyday work is more efficient, and operations can be developed further. For example, we improved work with one of our customers through shelf space optimization. When experts design shelf spaces, you can find space for hundreds of new pallets in the same square meters. 

Key measurements that are created together help lead the performance. We measure reliability of delivery, work safety and other matters that are important to our customers. We always aim to improve the figures when we start the cooperation. 

High-quality work and constant improvement create savings 

A logistics partner frees up capital and saves costs, as you only pay for the work done. We make sure that there’s always a right number of employees at work. With our comprehensive resources, we can ensure that recruiting is always optimized to our customer’s volumes. 

”Savings are an important topic for nearly all of our customers. Our ability to create savings is primarily based on optimized resourcing. We also have many other tools in our toolkit that we can use to develop our customers’ processes,” Kai shares.  

Work spans over a long period: costs happen over time, as we first take over the operations and then develop them piece by piece. 

We make sure that it feels good to be at work   

At the core of all work is staff that enjoys what they do. We put emphasis on work satisfaction and offer a sufficient range of interesting work. Our employees’ happiness is a key factor in constantly reaching better results with our customers. 

“When we start a partnership, we always go carefully through the company’s values, background, and other characteristics to find the most suitable unit head. The choices we’ve made during my time have pretty much all been a success,” Kai says. 

When your own work is the core business of your employer, there’s interest and emphasis placed on it. This can create meaningfulness and may be a positive surprise if an employee moves from the customer to Transval during the outsourcing of their warehouse. 

Partnership brings in results

A logistics partner brings efficiency, savings, and smoothness. In Kai’s experience, one thing is certain: the best results are reached through a strong partnership. 

”Together, we can achieve things. When we work alone, we can only reach a certain point. I’ve seen it multiple times in my career: we make the best results with customers who are active and place emphasis on our shared work,” Kai shares.  

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