Renewable fuel oil to be filled into locomotives
Picture: DSV Domestic Senior Manager Roi Kohi and Transval's Jari Mäkinen shake hands at Trukkikuja. Timo Ukkola is at the helm of the traction master. The traction masters and large forklifts fill up a tank with renewable fuel oil from now on. 


DSV's terminal is located at Trukkikuja 3 on the Lahdentie before the Korso junction, where the Transval team handles all terminal loading and unloading in two shifts every day of the week. 


Most of the goods handling at the terminal is done by electric internal trucks, but outside the terminal the loads are handled by terminal tractors, i.e. traction masters. They are a highly efficient tool for moving trailers to the terminal's loading and unloading areas and parking areas. 

The terminal's two tractors and two larger forklifts now run on Neste MY renewable fuel oil instead of conventional fuel oil. The tractors consume quite a lot of fuel, around 1 500-2 000 liters per month. Therefore, the fuel change has a big impact on carbon dioxide emissions. According to the manufacturer, the whole life cycle carbon footprint of the fuel is 90 lower than that of the corresponding fossil fuel. 

Reduced emissions and improved occupational safety 

"The use of renewable fuel not only reduces emissions significantly, but also has other benefits, such as shorter refuelling distances. It improves safety at work. 
In good cooperation with DSV, we decided to order a new fuel tank for the terminal yard. It shortens the refuelling distance, and the drivers no longer have to drive across the road to the cold station across the road. This improves safety, because crossing the road with a machine has its own risks, especially in winter," says Jari Mäkinen, Transval's senior manager in charge of DSV Road Oy's terminal business. 

"The reform is linked to our goal of reducing emissions from subcontractors by 30% by 2030. In addition, the change will also have a positive impact on work efficiency, as traction engineers will no longer have to leave the site to refuel outside our own site," says Kai Kajala, Operations Manager at DSV Road Oy. 

Determination in everything we do, reducing our emissions as close to zero as possible 

The Posti Group, and thus Transval, is committed to the Science Based Target initiative. Posti has an ambitious target to be zero emission in its own emissions by 2030. For the whole value chain, the target is net zero in 2040. 
Reaching this target requires decisive action also in terms of fleet. Renewable fuels will play an important role on the road to zero emissions, especially as alternative energy sources are still partly developing in the heavier fleet.