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Consultancy Services: Lean processes boost business growth and the efficiency of in-house logistics

In-house logistics plays an important part as a success factor for business. High-quality and efficient processes are the result of carefully made operational and strategic decisions. Decisions are made on the basis of measured and verified data. It is important to understand how globalization and the digitalization, traceability and transparency that are shaping the sector affect the requirements for companies’ material flows. Data management and the use of data in developing operations are key.

Transval has operated in in-house logistics for more than 25 years in a wide range of operating environments. Over the years, our customer companies have faced many kinds of challenges and demanding change situations. Through the insight and experience gained from these projects, we have accumulated unique competence capital in the Finnish market and the Nordic Region. On this basis, we have developed our own tried-and-tested Transval tools and methods tailored to our sector.

Efficiency and results with Lean methods

We make diverse use of Lean principles in our development operations and systematically invest in the training of Lean Six Sigma Green/Black Belt experts. We offer our automation expertise to our customers to ensure that the right technical solution can be found for each operating environment.

We help our customers when they want to improve and develop their company’s in-house logistics as a whole or fine-tune a certain area to increase its competitiveness. Our consulting service solves challenges in areas such as:

  • Layout planning for warehouses, terminals and industrial environments
  • Warehouse furnishing plans
  • Selection of automation solutions
  • Material flow analyses
  • Descriptions and development of value streams
  • Work measurement and research
  • Fleet optimization
  • Packaging development
  • Development of measuring

We helped one of our customers, steel supplier Kimet Oy, match its material flow to the needs of growing business. During the project, we measured, for example, the efficiency of work and operating methods at the various task points at the warehouse. After this, we prepared proposals for new material flow and process descriptions and measures based on them, such as changes to the layout of the warehouse. A Transval representative instructed and trained the supervisors and warehouse personnel in the Lean philosophy. Measuring, data-based information and continuous development were given a central role during the project.

“Now the consultancy project is completed and we’re again able to continue our growth reliably and confidently. Material flows optimally at our warehouse. Cooperation with Transval has been easy and results have been achieved quickly. With the help of Transval, the delivery accuracy of our warehouse has increased to over 96%,” says Mikko Sten, Managing Director of Kimet Oy, in a news article about the cooperation between Kimet and Transval.

More than 600 large and industry-leading companies in Finland entrust their production or a part of it to us. Learn more and choose us as your logistics partner!


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