Expertise for the development of in-house logistics

Skills and resources bring fast breakthrough projects and continuous improvement

Many industrial companies are implementing development projects aimed at improving production efficiency and competitiveness. Unfortunately, the importance of developing logistics functions is often overlooked in these projects. Transval helps industrial companies to develop an integrated in-house logistics system that works and supports the company's success objectives.

The importance of logistics as part of the enabler of smooth production is now recognised by industrial companies. However, company development projects tend to focus on the development of productive resources and operations. The importance of optimized material flows for uninterrupted production and faster lead times is less recognised in development work. Logistics is not a core business of industrial companies. This is mostly due to a lack of human and skills resources for development.

Different models for cooperation

Transval, part of the Posti Group, is a pioneer and market leader in in-house logistics in Finland. The company employs nearly 5 500 logistics experts and professionals.

"We offer our expertise in in-house logistics and its development. The skills of around 100 Lean Six Sigma experts trained in our own company are used in hundreds of customer environments. As a partner, we can bring new perspectives to the organization of in-house logistics operations, bringing clear added value to the industrial company."

The importance of optimized material flows for smooth production and faster lead times is often overlooked in companies' development efforts. This is usually due to a lack of human and skills resources for development. A company can outsource its logistics in a number of ways. An example is Transval's industrial service centers in Tampere and Hyvinkää, which provide assembly, engineering, packaging and project logistics services. The centers offer flexible space, equipment and personnel resources, for example.


In turn, the customer-specific material supply depots in Finland meet the daily needs of the customer's production and serve production according to demand. Usually, companies outsource their own logistics operations to Transval, which operates on the customer's premises and is responsible for all or part of the customer's material flows. In some cases of logistics outsourcing, the customer's logistics staff is also transferred to Transval.

We have received feedback from our staff that, since moving to Transval, they have felt valued and that their development ideas are listened to and taken into account when developing operations. In fact, every employee in our company is part of the development team and everyone is involved in the development work. We ensure the continuous development of our staff in their own work by offering the latest training in our own training unit. This means that our staff are building up their own skills capital, which is reflected in the service they provide to our customers.

An effective solution, quickly and easily

With a competent logistics partner, your company can get started quickly with development work and have sufficient skilled resources at its disposal. Then you can make quick breakthrough projects and continuous improvement. At the same time, you can benefit from the expertise and best practices of a logistics partner. So results are quick to come.

New technologies to support continuous improvement

As part of continuous improvement, Transval works closely with educational institutions on various development projects. These projects may be directly related to customer projects or they may concern the development of in-house logistics approaches in general. The projects can be carried out in real production environments.

Examples of projects currently underway include software robotics projects for ERP and warehouse management, mobile robots, positioning systems and well-being at work projects.

"For example, our in-house R&D unit is building systems for monitoring real-time activity tracking. Based on the data from these, we are constantly improving our operations. We enrich the data generated by our customers' own systems, enabling us to improve processes at a precise level and reduce process deviations. All of this is also aimed at optimum resourcing. We use the resulting data and information in as real-time as possible in our daily management. As a pioneer in logistics, we can provide companies with the latest know-how for the development of in-house logistics."