The right packaging solutions can decrease your company’s overall costs

Efficient and well-planned packaging supports the logistics chain from production to the customer. A high-quality packaging increases loading and packaging efficiency, improves safety and decreases the environmental strain. When we develop the packaging solutions to match your company’s needs, we also help you decrease overall costs. 


Wood and plywood packaging for demanding industrial packaging 

We are Finland’s leading supplier of packaging solutions for the industrial sector. We manufacture wood and plywood boxes for industrial needs, with sizes ranging from shoeboxes to shipping containers. Our sets vary from one unit to hundreds, depending on customer needs. Every year, we manufacture tens of thousands of packages. 

"Packaging is an important product in terms of getting the goods to their destination in one piece. As we often see in logistics, goods can receive many kinds of handling during their journey,” our operative manager Ville Hakkarainen says. 

Solutions and approaches tailored to customer needs


In addition to size, the functionality and protective need of packages can vary. We find and develop the right solutions for your company’s needs, whether they relate to safety, costs or for example re-usability. The goal of our solutions is to decrease the overall costs of your logistics chain, while also ensuring safety. 

How we have helped our packaging customers

Cost savings

For one of our exporting customers, we created a new pallet solution that allowed products that typically filled three trucks to fit into just two. This cut their freight costs significantly. 

Endurance and optimised use of space

For a customer in the electronics industry, we improved the stackability of products, which allowed them to stack two or even three on top of each other. We simultaneously decreased damages since the previously tall and wobbly package would often fall over during the transport chain.  

Efficiency in working time

We also remove bottlenecks from the packing department. We have helped our customers quicken the time it takes to package items: our solution has decreased work time in packaging by 50%. This has translated to a total of 4,000 saved work hours.  

Offering know-how as part of our service  

We don’t just do packaging; we also offer our know-how. Nowadays regulations change rapidly around the world, and we help your company navigate them. 
Our customers have thanked us for our reliability and fast reaction times in exceptional situations. However, the best feedback is when we get to continue our cooperation. We have worked alongside many of our customers for tens of years. 

Did you know this about Transval's packaging solutions?

• Our largest packages are even larger than a 40 ft sea container. 
• Our single most expensive packaged item was worth over 500 000 euros. 
• We buy about 135 full trucks of timber and about one thousand cubic meters of sheet materials per year. 
• We use approximately 15 million nails every year. 
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