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Pickup warehouse

Our pickup warehouse serves as an extension of your brick-and-mortar store

Our e-commerce service warehouse in Vantaa provides a special express pickup service on 363 days of the year – we are only closed on Midsummer Day and Christmas Day. On weekdays, we serve customers until 9 p.m. At our pickup warehouse, your company’s customers can pick up pre-paid products quickly and without any queues! We serve as an extension of your brick-and-mortar store and make it possible for your end customers to have quick access to your products – they will have pre-paid products handed over to them in about 15–30 minutes. The service is quick, and we can also help the customer load the products into the car!


Benefits of the pickup warehouse for your end customer 

  • Your customer can pick up large items, such as household appliances, without having to deal with the heavy traffic in central Helsinki. They can park their car right in front of our pickup warehouse.
  • Located right next to Ring Road III and the airport, the pickup warehouse is easy to access.
  • The pickup warehouse provides quick service and help with loading the products into the vehicle.
  • At our pickup warehouse, your customers can also recycle their old electronic devices and household appliances at the WEEE collection point when picking up a new product!
More than 600 large and industry-leading companies in Finland entrust their production or a part of it to us. Learn more and choose us as your logistics partner!


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