Package production

Package production enhances the entire logistics chain 

A well planned and executed package ensures that your product is transported safely. We tailor our packaging solutions to fit your company’s needs, which enhances the entire logistics chain and decreases total costs. 

Partner with Finland's leading supplier of industry package solutions

We are Finland’s leading supplier of package solutions. We support our customers through package design, transport unit optimization, and cost-efficient package production. In export packaging, we know the special requirements in different countries. We are involved in the national development project for sea packaging and international industry cooperation. 

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A reliable package producer helps you succeed 

A package’s most important job is to protect a product. When tailored properly, it can do much more, like increase the efficiency of the loading process, decrease warehousing, collecting and material costs, and reduce the environmental strain. 

The price of package production is often just a fraction of total packaging costs. In addition, costs accumulate from packaging work, the ineffective use of transport space, breakings caused by insufficient packaging, and material costs caused by overpackaging. 

When we plan the packaging solutions based on your company’s needs, we support your logistics and save you costs in a holistic manner. 

Sea and plywood boxes, wood packages and much more for your needs 

We design and produce tailored package solutions for your company. Our production locations are in Tuusula, Espoo, Tampere, and Jyväskylä. We use a wide network of partners and our extensive background as a logistics expert to succeed. 

We offer:

  • wood packages
  • plywood packages
  • industrial packages  
  • special platforms  (also steel structures)
  • shock and vibration absorbers 
  • corrosion prevention solutions 
  • indicators 
  • cardboard- and other fibre-based packages

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Contact us and let's discuss more detailed how package production can help your company to save costs and resources in logistics!

More than 600 large and industry-leading companies in Finland entrust their production or a part of it to us. Learn more and choose us as your logistics partner!






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