Transval Group

Head Office

Transval Group
Postintaival 7 A, 00230 Helsinki
+358 9 565 8520

Financial administration and invoicing

Before invoicing, please read the instructions on the sourcing website

Billing addresses and instructions

Customer service, warehousing and transport solutions

+358 200 72000 *


Contacts for media representatives

Posti's MediaDesk

Contact information

Sakari Kiiskinen
Sakari Kiiskinen
Director, Transval Group
Harri Petjala
Harri Petjala
In-house logistics
Antti Wikström-1
Antti Wikström
Contract logistics
Juho Lappalainen
Juho Lappalainen
Construction logistics
Risto Vilo-1
Risto Vilo
Senior Advisor
Jenni Mattsson
Heini Tyvelä-Ojala

Recording telephone calls and messages

Suomen Transval Group Oy records phone calls and messages for the purpose of verifying their contents. Transval uses recordings only to ensure the rights and legal protection of customers and Transval itself. Recordings may also be used for in-house personnel training purposes in order to enhance customer service and quality. Transval does not use recordings for any other purposes and does not distribute them to parties outside Suomen Transval Group or the owner of the company, Posti Group Oyj, unless required by law.

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