An in-house logistics partner brings efficiency to material streams

 In-house logistics is in Transval’s DNA. We have been handling materials and products in our customers’ premises and with our customers’ systems since the beginning of our operations. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and instead tailor each solution based on customer needs.

We take over production processes from receiving goods to shelving, collecting, packaging, delivering, and recycling them. Our parent company Posti allows us to offer comprehensive transport services and support our customers throughout the delivery chain.

We support everyday operations in warehouses, terminals, docks, production plants, industrial parks, and stores. We offer over 5,500 logistics professionals, information systems that support development, and 10 to 30 per cent of cost savings.

Outsourcing in-house logistics makes work more efficient

When you have fixed personnel in your in-house logistics, it forms a fixed cost for your company. We add flexibility to that cost: we use data to calculate the optimal number of employees for each situation and make sure that there is always a good amount of logistics professionals at work. In practice, this creates at least 10% savings for companies.

Our work also includes making logistics more efficient. We improve the internal mobility of personnel, bring out challenges in the logistics chain, and use data to develop the work. Packaging is a concrete example of an area where we can bring savings: we pack items smartly, which saves delivery capacity and removes bottlenecks in the packing department.

To sum it up, we take care of logistics and make it more efficient. We use our knowledge as logistics professionals, so you can focus on your area of expertise.

Data leads the way and reveals areas of development

Data guides our daily work. We collect data and turn it into development possibilities. We use your pre-existing systems and build new solutions on top of them.

We measure and examine work and its processes, so we can develop the way you do things. For example, we identify and track arriving packages in material streams, and visualize data. We create analyses of suppliers, which allows you to recognize potential problems or areas of improvement in your processes. We offer concrete outcomes that you can then share with procurement, for example.

We develop together

 We take in-house logistics and the daily work it includes off your shoulders. However, the biggest leaps in development happen when we work together with our customers. We achieve the best results when we share a commitment to improving our work. As an example of this, we organize yearly development days with our customers. We use them to go through important themes and recognize area of improvement. Daily development happens as we work side by side.

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