Statistical methods as part of day-to-day management bring flexibility to logistics

Transval, the market leader in outsourcing logistics in Finland, is always looking to the future. It trains its staff in Lean Six Sigma to minimize unnecessary movement in its customers' logistics processes.

Transval's motto is continuous improvement. The company has harnessed the Lean Six Sigma approach and analytics to help. The aim is to continuously and systematically improve operations for the benefit of customers. The company has integrated statistical methods into its day-to-day management and uses them to proactively improve its operations. This brings us a lot closer to real knowledge management.

"Logistics processes generate a huge amount of data, which requires companies to have the necessary methods to exploit this data. Our staff bring decades of logistics knowledge and lessons learned into practice every day, directly into our customers' production and logistics processes."

Tailored solutions with Lean Six Sigma

Using Lean Six Sigma methods, you can find areas for improvement that the human eye may not notice. Lean thinking improves logistics flow, transparency, quality and safety. Transval's approach creates particular flexibility and proactive process development. The most appropriate solution is always tailored to each Transval customer, taking advantage of the company's comprehensive range of logistics solutions. We ensure competence by training logistics professionals. Our company culture is to inspire our people to grow, learn and share. This way, customers always have a logistics professional to help them.

Savings of up to 10%

Lean Six Sigma brings a whole new approach to the management of in-house logistics. Transval has more than 500 customers who have outsourced all or part of their logistics. We work at our customers' own facilities, such as industrial sites, warehouses, terminals and stores, as well as in our own warehouses. Even small changes can pay dividends for the customer, and we can bring savings of up to 10% to a company's logistics operations. In logistics, every moment counts and is an opportunity to refine your operations. The only way to succeed in the market is to do things transparently and continuously improve.


Serving around 500 customers in customer warehouses, terminals, industry and stores. In-house warehouses with over 300 000 square meters of secure warehouse space, including VAK warehouse.

The service covers supply chain solutions from transportation to warehouse, as well as in-house logistics solutions for customers' premises and staffing services by logistics professionals.

  • Operating throughout the country, headquartered in Helsinki.
  • Converting customers' fixed costs of in-house logistics into variable costs.
  • Finland's market leader in outsourcing logistics.
  • Does what it says it will do.

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