Development and Lean Six Sigma

In-house logistics is in constant motion. The changing environment challenges logistics operations at every moment, which is why continuous improvement is the only way to stay competitive - or get ahead of the game.

Built-in development creates continuous leadership

Customers can benefit from Transval's development activities as a dynamic part of their daily logistics process.

Our development organization is staffed by experienced in-house logistics development professionals. Our development activities are guided by customer requirements and objectives regularly defined in cooperation with our customers. In addition, we continuously analyse the processes for which we are responsible independently, looking for areas for improvement. We follow trends and developments in the industry and bring our clients ideas on how to use new technologies and methods to optimize flow and resource efficiency. Our experience in various ERP and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), combined with our automation expertise, ensures the right solutions for every operating environment.

Lean Six Sigma

Our toolbox includes a wide range of development tools and methodologies for different applications and to support knowledge management. We are a pioneer in Finland in the use of Lean Six Sigma methods in the field of in-house logistics. Transval employs Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified experts and Green Belt certified experts. Our work research provides us with measured data on processes, which helps to target development measures and contributes data for Six Sigma analyses.

We streamline and standardize the activities under our responsibility using Lean operating models. The focus is on increasing flow efficiency and eliminating waste. Standardized processes with standardized working practices also allow for rational resourcing. Standardization of work facilitates the building of multi skills. Efficiency is improved by standardizing the working environment through 5S.

Contact us. We would be happy to discuss with you further how our continuous development work based on the Lean Six Sigma philosophy can benefit the optimization of your company's material flow.

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