Finland's 3rd largest bakery, Leipomo Salonen, trusts its supply chain to Transval

The logistics flow can also be bread and buns. At the new terminal of the more than 100-year-old family business Leipomo Salonen in Turku, Miia and twenty Transvaal employees ensure that the freshly baked bakery products reach the shops and your breakfast table at the right time. The products are delivered from Turku to more than 1000 shops six days a week.

When a bakery worker's day is done, the responsibility for the buns, breads and pastries shifts to logistics professionals at the bakery terminal. The products become a delicious logistical flow, optimized according to volume.

For more than ten years, Transval has handled the terminal operations at Leipomo Salonen: the products are collected and packed, and the product boxes are delivered to the right place at the right time, so that the ordered bags of bread, buns and even doughnuts reach the customers as agreed in more than 1,000 shops in Turku and southern Finland.

100 years of experience for reliability and continuity

Bakery Salonen recently renovated its terminal facilities. The renovation came at just the right time: the Christmas period is the peak production season at the bakery. More than 200 000 rolls alone are produced every day - and the bakery has more than 60 product ranges in total. With over 100 years of experience, the company's core competences are its own bread, bakery products and their quality. In logistics, the family-owned company has sought flexibility, stress-free, reliable delivery and efficiency in its partnerships.

- Reliability and quality of products are core issues for us, and we need to get them right every day to succeed in our market. Our logistics partner's own core competences, i.e. the optimization of logistics flows and the skills of logistics professionals, play a major role in the success of our services. Staying on schedule in and out of season, picking and packing products exactly as ordered every day, plus the flexibility of service - should more unexpected orders come in. We are happy with this," says Juha Salonen, CEO and owner of Leipomo Salonen.

Always the right number of people and skills

Logistics work at the terminal is always carried out by an optimum number of Transval employees, who are trained in a safe and efficient way of working. The number of people varies from season to season - if, for example, 60 000 bags of bakery products are moved during a shift on a weekday, the number easily doubles in the high season. This is one of the main benefits of our cooperation for the customer: the right number of people with the right skills are always available at the Salonen bakery terminal. This means that the company does not have to stress about logistics or hiring logistics professionals. The bakery can concentrate on its core competencies and its own staff. The same is also a win-win situation for the employees: there is always as much work as there is work to be done in the shift. No one has to stand on their hands, or sometimes "tongue in cheek".

"The best thing is when I can work nights"

In the bakery, terminal work is done between 6:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. This ensures that the bakery products reach the shops as fresh as possible. At Leipomo Salonen, we employ twenty Transval employees, one of whom is Miia Virtanen. "Working here at Leipomo Salonen has been nice because of the great colleagues - the cooperation between the terminal and the bakery is really smooth. The work is hectic and it's a great way to get fit! The best thing is that I can work nights and there are opportunities for long weekends."

 Sami Kangasluoma, Operations Manager at Transval, says that the new terminal has taken good care of safety and working conditions. "Our cooperation has been very open and straightforward: if an issue requiring corrective action has arisen, the matter has been immediately brought up for discussion. Corrective measures are taken quickly and in good cooperation. Our staff has been very happy and we are all actively involved in improving the logistics aspect. We have a good and hard-working team here, I am very proud of my team! It's quite nice to work in a new terminal with the smell of fresh bread. Excellent customer relations."