BPW Kraatz Oy, the industry's leading supplier of systems and spare parts for heavy transport equipment, outsources its main warehouse in Finland to Transval

In the change, the warehouse staff will move to Transval, the company is seeking a more efficient supply chain for the warehouse.

From the beginning of March 2022, the in-house logistics of the 100-year-old BPW Kraatz Oy's main warehouse of around 10 000 m2 in Kivenlahti will be taken over by Transval, the pioneer and market leader in in-house logistics.

Henrik Danielsson, Managing Director of BPW Kraatz Oy, says that the change will be implemented responsibly. The warehouse staff will transfer to Transval as so-called "old employees" and will continue to work in BPW Kraatz Oy's main warehouse, under the supervision of Transval. Henrik says that Transval has responded to the company's current and future needs with scalable resourcing and evolving warehouse processes.

"At BPW Kraatz Ltd, we want to focus on our core business of heavy commercial vehicles and related services. Our vision is to be the most important strategic partner for the transport industry. This requires determined, long-term and courageous renewal, which is also demonstrated by the cooperation we have now entered into."

Transval will take over responsibility for the inward logistics of BPW Kraatz Oy's main warehouse from the beginning of March. Markku Hirvonen, Logistics Manager at BPW Kraatz Oy for more than 20 years, is pleased that Transval will be his partner for in-house logistics.

"Our warehouse staff will now work for a pioneer in their field. It means learning best practices and career opportunities for those who want to advance in their logistics careers. Transval will also ensure the necessary resourcing, both in terms of quantity and quality, for the future. I am very pleased that Transval became our in-house logistics partner."

"We are delighted that a market leader in its field has chosen us as its in-house logistics partner. Now, in February, we will first get to know each other and from March we will start to further develop our logistics operations in the warehouse. Continuously improving logistics operations and processes in a safe and secure way is part of our daily business, and our staff play an important role in its success. We warmly welcome our new employees to our logistics team," says Harri Petjala, Director of Logistics Services Transval.

More information:

  • BPW Kraatz Oy: Henrik Danielsson, Managing Director, tel. HENRIK KRAUSS, PRESIDENT, HENRIK ADAMS, TEL. 020 7936 714, kraatz.fi.
  • Transval: Harri Petjala, Director of Logistics Services, harri.petjala@transval.fi, tel. 045 670 8313
  • Kai Kankaala, In-house Logistics Sales, kai.kankaala@transval.fi, tel. 040 673 7993

BPW Kraatz Oy, founded in 1922, is the country's leading importer serving the manufacturing transport vehicle industry, aftermarket operators and the core activities of transport companies. The company is a subsidiary of BPW, the largest trailer axle manufacturer in Europe. Our turnover in 2021 was over EUR 50 million and we employ 80 people in Finland.