Transval's team wins the “Power Platform SM 2022” implementations competition

Transval's in-house logistics business has systematically developed digital services for domestic industrial customers also with Power Platform. 


Transval's team presented their solution at the Power Platform HPR event at Tripla in Helsinki on 13 December and won in a high-level final. Six of the best implementations were shortlisted for the final round. 

 "Our competition work deals with an overall solution where we implement value-added solutions mainly for industrial customers using low-code technology. The tools we implement increase transparency in the supply chain, and also create data for our customers that their own systems cannot provide. This in turn increases the amount of value that can be created in the process in our hands," say Markku Viljanen and Juho Peltomäki, who presented their work at the event. 

Markku is responsible for the operational development of Transval's in-house logistics business and Juho is working in Markku's team in a key role in the development of Power Platform solutions. 

"The versatile solutions are here to stay, as operational efficiency and data transparency are part of our service promise to our customers. So far, we have made the most of the technology on our own, and in the future we will have a partner to help us develop the overall solution, who will provide us with support in developing Power Platform solutions and information on the latest innovations," say Markku and Juho. 

The jury praised the multi-application solution, which has many users, and gave a lot of credit to the external users - the solution clearly has value. The jury noted Transval's competition work for its versatile use of technology and its still evolving solution. 

Positive feedback on the entry included: 

  • A great implementation and a clever invention to solve a customer's "outer ring" need in a probably quite cost-effective way. 
  • A solution that seems to be very versatile. Obviously a good increase in transparency of the processes for those involved. 
  • A useful solution that reduces unnecessary work
  • A great way to take control of the process from the very beginning. Good to have made use of the different applications. Easy to use app. Benefits the customer and the supplier. 

Congratulations to Marku, Juho and the team - a great end to 2022 for the development team and a great way to look forward to the new year! 

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