Our new construction logistics service offering at the FinnBuild fair on October 4–6, 2022

Come visit our stand 6g29 at the FinnBuild fair to talk with us and learn how our new construction logistics service offering can bring cost savings and efficiency to construction sites!

We will be presenting our new range of construction logistics services at the international trade fair for construction and building engineering Finnbuild in Helsinki on October 4–6. In addition to the management of the in-house logistics of the construction site, we provide companies with transport-related services, warehousing and temporary staffing.

Our comprehensive range of services meets the daily challenges of construction companies:

1.    CONSTRUCTION SITE LOGISTICS – construction site logistics planning in one system and timely moving of materials within the site. Also includes protection, site cleaning, waste management and an occupational safety service. Always the right number of safely working professionals in the right place at your disposal!
2.    INTERMEDIATE STORAGE/WAREHOUSING – receiving, shelving, picking, packaging and dispatching products (including unloading, pre-installation, kits and preparations).
3.    TRANSPORT – either through our own transport partner network or our parent company Posti’s freight/parcel services. Our fleet and resources are sufficient for serving comprehensively in Finland!
4.    CARRY-INS – we ensure the safe procedures, training and continuous development of our personnel.
5.    TEMPORARY STAFFING of logistics professionals
6.    REAL-TIME INFORMATION on the arrival data and shipments of products and materials when we take care of the management of the material.

Benefits for you and the entire construction industry:

•    EFFICIENCY into the management of material flows. We eliminate delivery delays, waiting times and unnecessary moving of materials around. With our help, the site management and professional construction workers can spend their working time on the actual construction work.
•    COST SAVINGS through a flexible service contract, where costs are mainly determined on an accrual basis. You can move away from the world of fixed facility and personnel costs.
   RELIABILITY: We have a team of more than 5,000 logistics professionals and a financially sound ownership base. Logistics is our core business, which we are constantly developing together with our customers.
•    SAFETY on site: Thanks to our intermediate storage capability, we can deliver materials to the right place at the construction site in a timely manner. In this way, the materials are not exposed to varying weather conditions, the amount of waste is reduced and space is freed up, particularly at the construction site, which allows for a safer and more high-quality way of working.

We are a new player in construction logistics, but a veteran and market leader in the logistics sector in Finland! Come talk with us at our stand 6g29 about how we can improve the efficiency of your construction business together!

Read also our article on how efficient site logistics improves the productive work in the construction sector and enables significant cost savings. If you cannot wait for the fair, feel free to contact us today!