Efficient job site logistics improve productive work in the construction sector and lead to average cost savings of 10%

A certified pioneer in logistics, Finnish Transval now also offers its logistics solutions to the construction industry. We have been building a productivity leap for the industrial sector with our logistics expertise for several decades - NOW WE WANT TO BUILD A PRODUCTIVITY LEAP FOR THE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR WITH YOU!

We offer you and the construction industry:

  • EFFICIENCY in managing material flows. We eliminate delivery delays, waiting times, unnecessary material transfers. We free up the time of site supervisors and professional builders for the construction itself.
  • COST-SAVINGS with flexible service contracts, where costs are mainly determined on an accrual basis. You can move away from the world of fixed space and personnel costs
  • RELIABILITY we have a team of over 5 000 logistics professionals and a solid ownership base. Logistics is our core business, which we are constantly developing together with our customers
  • SAFETY on site. our interim warehouse capabilities enable us to deliver materials to the right place on site, on time. This prevents materials from being exposed to fluctuating weather conditions, reduces waste and, especially on construction sites, frees up space for a safer and better quality way of working.

We deliver materials to the right place at the right time with the right amount of expertise. We are a new player in construction logistics, but a logistics expert and market leader in Finland!

"We have been building a productivity leap for the industrial sector with our logistics expertise for several decades and have delivered average cost savings of 10-30% for our industrial customers by optimizing material flows, streamlining material logistics and continuously improving operations. We are now harnessing this expertise for the construction industry, where we believe that efficient material logistics improves productivity and leads to cost savings of 10% on average. Let's build together the future productivity leap for the construction industry!"


Choose from our most comprehensive range of services on the market:

  • WORKPLACE LOGISTICS - site logistics planning in one system, timely movement of materials within the site. Also sheltering, site cleaning and waste management, occupational safety service. Always the right number of safety professionals at the right place to help you!
  • (RE)WAREHOUSE - receiving, shelving, picking, packing, dispatching (including unpacking, preassembly, kiting, preparation).
  • SHIPPING - either through our own network of transport partners or through our parent company Posti's freight/parcel services. Our fleet and resources are sufficient to provide a comprehensive service in Finland!
  • INTEGRATION - we ensure safe working practices, training and continuous development of our staff.
  • REAL-TIME DATA on the arrival and dispatch of products and materials, while the material is under Transval's control.

We now offer solutions to the daily challenges faced by construction companies. Harness Transval's decades of logistics expertise and productivity leap!

Transval is the largest in-house logistics company in the Nordic countries and the market leader in Finland in logistics outsourcing services. We have been honing our logistics expertise and solutions together with our customers continuously for thirty years! We have 320 000 square meters of warehouse space and 50 000 square meters of production space. More than 600 companies - dozens of export industries, importers, retailers - entrust their logistics flows to our 5 000 logistics professionals.

Contact us when you want to make your construction business more efficient!

Joachim Silberstein
040 772 7664

Juho Lappalainen
Construction Logistics
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