Welcome Juho Lappalainen to lead our construction logistics services!

In line with its strategy, Transval is growing into a very interesting sector of the construction industry. Our company aims to build, together with the industry, a productivity leap for the construction sector - similar to the one we have been building for the industrial sector with our logistics expertise for more than a decade.

We warmly welcome Juho Lappalainen, a construction foreman, who has joined us to lead our construction logistics services. Juho joins Transval from Lujatalo Oy and has over ten years of experience in the construction industry.

"Welcome to the house Juho! We have achieved average cost savings of 10-30% for our industrial customers by optimizing material flows, streamlining material logistics and continuously improving operations. Now we are harnessing this expertise for the construction industry, as we believe that efficient work material logistics improves productive work in the construction sector and leads to cost savings of 10% on average. On construction sites, moving material flows such as fixed furniture and building materials takes up to 30% of the time of construction professionals. We can help with temporary warehouse, transport, loading of materials, site logistics and, if necessary, staffing. Juho knows the pain points in the construction industry and we have the logistics solutions to meet these needs," says Harri Petjala, Director of Transval's In-house Logistics business.

"For a long time, I thought that my career would only be in the construction industry. Now that I had the opportunity to work in a completely new field, construction logistics, I was excited about my job in a new way. At Transval, we can get to the edge of something new and develop the whole construction sector from the outside. With Transval's thirty years of logistics expertise, we can make construction sites more efficient and more productive. When we take care of construction logistics, construction professionals are left with the responsibility for the professional work in their own field. I believe we have a lot to offer to the construction industry and the construction industry," says Juho.

Welcome to Juho Logistics Pioneer House!

I would be happy to help your company develop construction logistics, contact me!
Juho Lappalainen
Construction Logistics
040 578 0106

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