We will continue to recruit young people at risk of social exclusion

Photo: The young people receive support from Transval’s logistics professionals who will show them the ropes

We were the first company to start hiring young jobseekers in difficult situations through the “Nuoret työelämään” (Youth into working life) program launched by the Deaconess Foundation’s Vamos youth service and Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company. We are still continuing this cooperation.

Through the cooperation that started in early 2021, dozens of young people have got their first workplace and work community experience, several young people have been able to pursue their dreams and have started studying, for example, and some have found a permanent job and co-workers in logistics here at Transval. In general, we offer work to hundreds of young people each year, for example, during the peak seasons in the commercial sector or in permanent logistics tasks in warehouses and industrial logistics.

“This work hasn’t yet been completed: We’ve decided to continue our cooperation and will continue to hire young people from Vamos to work for us at Transval. The employment and integration of young people into working life is a major societal challenge that requires companies to take concrete action. It also feels good to be able to promote the well-being of young people.”

The tasks that we have offered to the young people hired through the program include receiving and shelving goods in warehouses and picking online store orders. The tasks and pay are the same as for other Transval employees doing similar work.

At the workplace, the young person receives support from one of our logistics professionals, who will show them the ropes and instruct them in their tasks, if necessary. In addition, the young person has their own coach through Vamos, who will support them in their transition to working life. The suitable length of the working day and workload are determined for each young person in cooperation with the coach.

A genuine desire to get a job

Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a meaningful job and an encouraging working environment. A job can mean a chance for a young person to have a happy and balanced life. Transval’s recruitment professional Juha Honkavirta interviews nearly a thousand jobseekers each year.

“I’ve also interviewed all the Vamos youths who have applied to us. They have been very energetic and motivated young people. They have shown a genuine desire to get a job,” Juha says.

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