An old hand got back to work through training

Jari was laid off from his job as a docker at 56. Six months of short-term training helped him find a job again. Completing the basic qualification in logistics was worthwhile: he landed a place for on-the-job learning at Transval. 

Jari was found to be a good employee and was immediately given a permanent job. Now he receives, stores, packs and dispatches goods at Transval. 

There are many kinds of jobs in logistics. Some jobs require education and training, and some tasks are suitable for people who are just starting out in the sector. Orientation and guidance are provided at the workplace. That is why the sector offers employment for people from a wide range of backgrounds. 

“The most important thing about a new employee is that they have the right attitude and motivation to work. This applies to both young and more experienced jobseekers. It’s easy to teach a person the skills they need, whereas it takes a lot more to shape their attitude and motivation,” Transval’s communications team says. 

At Transval, diversity in the work community is seen as a source of richness. It is important that the personnel includes people with different skills.

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