Outsourced warehouse services boost (online) trade

There are many reasons to outsource your warehouse. Posti organized a webinar where Janne Kylmäoja from Transval explained why it makes sense to outsource warehouse to a logistics partner and the benefits for companies.

Time and money savings, efficiency, more space, resources and security of supply. These were some of the issues raised when we asked the audience at a warehouse webinar what benefits their company has gained or could gain from outsourcing warehouse.

There is no single reason why companies outsource their warehousing or consider doing so. According to Janne Kylmäoja, Sales Director of Logistics Outsourcing Solutions at Transval, the traditional reasons are savings or focus on core business - when the logistics that support the core business can be sourced externally.

"Today, people are looking for partnerships and networks, and are starting to assemble a team that will jointly implement the core business. For Transval and Posti, logistics is certainly that," says Kylmäoja.

An outsourced warehouse gives flexibility

As e-commerce delivery volumes increase, an outsourced warehouse service adds flexibility and enables the customer to get a good delivery time promise. In a webinar survey, nearly 60% of respondents said that flexibility in warehouse size, staffing and price, for example, according to seasonal fluctuations, is important to their business.

"With the surges in supply chains caused by the Korona and Ukraine wars, the importance of flexibility is only increasing. An external warehouse offers greater flexibility and temporary warehouse space," says Kylmäoja.

By outsourcing, companies are seeking balance in uncertain times: on the one hand, they have just the right amount of factors in logistics, and on the other hand, they don't over-invest or pay for empty space. Flexible invoicing, based on the use of space and the movement of goods, gives companies the flexibility they want.

"When you move to high volumes, it starts to make sense to build a bespoke warehouse service and integrate it directly into ERP systems as a seamless whole," says Kylmäoja.

Agile and modern logistics expertise at your fingertips

By outsourcing warehouse systems, a company can also modernize its operations in one go: it gains access to professional logistics expertise and new digital tools. Outsourced logistics therefore also helps to make a company's processes more agile and improve security of supply.


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