Shelving services pioneer Transval expands its range of in-store services by acquiring KV Turva

Transval, a pioneer in in-house and contract logistics, is strengthening its in-store service by acquiring KV Turva, a specialist in retail loss management. The deal increases the nationwide coverage of Transval's shelving services. In total, Transval employs nearly 5 000 logistics professionals.

On 5 March 2020, Transval and the owners of KV Turva signed an agreement under which Transval will acquire the entire share capital of KV Turva Oy. The transaction will be completed immediately. Founded in 2015, the company has around 200 employees in Finland and its turnover in 2019 was approximately EUR 5.4 million.

"Transval provides in-store services throughout the country in around 1,300 stores. For example, we serve retail chains, retailers or the food industry directly. The acquisition of KV Tura will add to our service portfolio, especially in store loss management and remote monitoring," says Kaj Nurminen, Head of Transval's Content Logistics business.

The people working in KV Turva's stores have a basic training in security. They promote safe and secure transactions in stores and assist in various store tasks, such as optimizing shelf availability, managing product loss, cashiering and remote monitoring. Lasse Heikkinen, CEO of KV Security, believes that the deal between Transval and KV Security will bring new opportunities. "The deal and cooperation with Transval will bring great opportunities for our customers and our staff throughout Finland. Our service portfolio covers all stores from small brick-and-mortar stores to hypermarket level."

"E-commerce and digitalization in retail bring growth opportunities to in-store services. In the future, small outlets will operate on an automated basis, which means that remote monitoring of these outlets and e-commerce handovers will increase. KV Security's service offering provides the perfect solution for this as part of Transval's in-store service package. We can help and serve you flexibly, whatever the volume and season of the store," Nurminen continues. KV Turva's services to customers will continue, the deal will have no impact on the employment relationships of the staff, and the management will also continue to work for the company. The company will operate under its own brand as part of Transval and its contact details will remain unchanged.

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