Staff skills are the backbone of the business

At Transval, competence development is important for both the company and the employee. At Transval, as part of the Posti Group, we need to ensure that we have the competencies that are in line with our strategy and business objectives, both now and in the future. For employees, the opportunity to develop their own competences is one of the most important factors affecting the employee experience.   

Managers play a key role in ensuring that everything we do is aligned with the purpose of our existence and our vision and values. At Posti Group we have defined leadership principles that concretize and unify the way we lead, both things and people. We care - We transform - We perform. 

The role of managers and executives as leaders, decision makers and implementers of decisions and as leaders of people is critical to the future success of Transval and the entire Posti Group. The ongoing transformation and pace of change also requires a new kind of leadership and frontline work. This is why we have invested and will continue to invest in leadership and people development across the board. We offer regular training for  managers at different stages of the employment lifecycle, but also to develop their leadership skills.

The skills needs of our staff are constantly changing, which is why our skills development offer is also constantly evolving and changing. Together, we are responsible for being agile in responding to changing skills needs and delivering value to our customers..