Movere trusts transval human resources services

Transval Human Resource Services and Movere commenced collaboration in 2012. Nowadays, Transval sends warehouse employees to the warehouses in Hyvinkää and Lahti.

“In our field, seasonal changes are highlighted so we might need double the staff in the warehouse in the spring compared to the winter. We request staff from Transval resorting to the turnkey principle, meaning that we do not participate in the screening or interviewing of applicants at any stage of the process. We trust that as an operator who focuses only on logistics and production, Transval finds the best employees for our warehouses. Handling the application process ourselves would burden our organization to a surprising extent and we still might not find the type of people we need. We have been very satisfied with our choice.”

– Jussi-Pekka Huovila, CEO, Movere Oy

Movere is a versatile client to Transval in the sense that there are so many different needs for human resources: there are long- and short-term orders, preplanned or urgent, and job descriptions range from those suitable for beginners to those who require a seasoned professional.


Movere Oy is Finland’s largest transporter of agricultural products. In addition to transportation and managing flows of goods, the company produces shipping and warehousing services, as well as designs and develops its clients’ logistical processes. In addition to agriculture, the company’s key operating areas are chemical industry, heavy hardware and the forest industry. Goods are transported around Finland with the help of over 400 vehicle combinations that are equipped in a versatile manner. One of the most developed ERP systems is used to manage operations.

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