F9 Distribution

F9 Distribution is growing with determination

Transval Henkilöstöpalvelut has supplied warehouse workers for F9’s 8000 m2 logistics centre in Tampere since 2011. The order process is based on a forecast that is updated quarterly and eventually results in increasingly specific monthly, weekly and daily orders.

“The long-term warehouse work experience and good understanding of internal logistics operations of Transval’s recruiters really shows – they have the ability to find suitable workers for both the student pool and the regular work shifts. In our own operations, we emphasize the importance of looking forward and acting swiftly, so we naturally also expect the same from our partner.”

– Esko Heinonen, Logistics Director, F9 Distribution Oy

Employees are hired both for regular shifts and the student pool, which allows additional help to be called in even for the same day. When recruiting a person for regular shifts, their existing skills and desire to develop themselves are the most important factors. For the pool, simplicity, fast reactions and trust between F9, Transval and the employee are extremely important, because situations change at a fast pace and the number of required employees may change drastically between different days, especially in the busiest seasons. After an agreed period of time F9 can hire the Transval employee to work directly for them.


F9 is a Finnish, entrepreneur-driven IT and household appliance wholesale dealer. Their product selection consists of high quality IT and household appliances, which F9 distributes to the entire retail channel in Finland. In addition to active sales work, the impressive growth of the company is based on their carefully planned and target-oriented operations as well as trailblazing in the development of processes in the field. This year, F9 has expanded into the Baltic and the company’s turnover will reach over 200 million euros per year.

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