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DSV Road– the long collaboration bears fruit

The contract between Transval and DSV includes the handling of import and export loads at the logistics centre in Vantaa. Collaboration has already been ongoing for two decades, so any and all problem points in the handling of goods at the terminal have already been found.

“Expertise, openness and trustworthiness spiced with the quick ability to react,” answers DSV Road Oy’s Terminal Manager Tom Jokinen when he is asked about Transval’s biggest strengths.


At the terminal, the term parceled goods gets quite a vast meaning: shipments contain anything and everything from show boxes and extremely expensive technology instruments to steel structures.

However, the nature of the goods to be handled may change quickly depending on the requirements of the exporting and importing projects of the marketplace. There are also occasional changes in the regulations and operating methods of the industry, so we can’t lay still – we revise our operations regularly and we consider and test new ways of doing things.

At the DSV terminal – as at many other work locations of Transval – Transval is also in charge of the supervision of work. This has been found to be the best option in extensive outsourcing projects in terms of productivity, well-being of staff and cost effectiveness.

An especially important guarantor of trustworthiness, in Jokinen’s view, is that the tens of terminal employees Transval employs nearby can assist during peak times if needed.

Jokinen says it goes without saying that staff is committed and contact people are available when needed.


The annual global turnover of the DSV companies is approximately 6 billion euros and the group employs approximately 22,000 logistical professionals in over 70 countries. DSV’s Road Division handles road transport, offering transport services to virtually any and all companies.

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