Algol Chemicals transferred warehouse of chemical products to Transval

Algol Chemicals Oy is a part of the Finnish Algol Group that has long traditions in its sector. Today, the international multi-sector company Algol is still a Finnish family company.

Algol Chemicals Oy, a leading industrial chemicals distributor, transferred the warehouse of its chemical products to Transval from the beginning of 2022. Since 2014, Transval has been handling Algol Chemicals' chemical products at Algol Chemicals' warehouse in Karamalmi, Espoo. The companies will not disclose the price of the cooperation agreement, but the employees will continue to work for Transval after the agreement.

Transval varasto industry warehouse services

Alexander Bargum, CEO of Algol Group, is pleased with the deepening of the cooperation.

"The outsourcing of chemical warehouse is a strategically important development for the group, which will give us new flexibility and focus on our core business. At the same time, we will ensure the safe and professional handling of chemicals well into the future. We have strong confidence that Transval will be an excellent partner for us in this development."


Sakari Kiiskinen, President and CEO of Transval, says the agreement with Algol Chemicals is a significant demonstration of trust, cooperation, responsibility and values.

"We at Transval are proud that Algol Chemicals has chosen us as their logistics partner. We are a responsible player in the market. I would like to thank all the Transval people who have worked for Algol Chemicals over the years for their honest and uncompromising work and attitude. I believe and hope that our trustful partnership with Algol Chemicals will continue in a stable and long-term manner - together, by developing the warehouse of chemical products, we will take responsibility for the environment, our staff and our responsible business."

Strict legal requirements - Transval granted the most extensive permits

The law sets strict requirements for the warehouse of hazardous substances, facilities and operating practices. Transval has the most extensive permits for the large-scale warehouse of hazardous substances, including chemical products, required by law. The permit is issued by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

Transval's warehouses and operating practices are certified in accordance with the quality, environmental, occupational health and safety (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001). In addition to the buildings, the permits require active training of staff, auditing of management and operating practices, and concrete exercises. Transval takes care of the legal obligations related to chemicals on behalf of client companies.

- When storing chemicals, we meet the requirements of the most comprehensive safety report in Finland, our operating methods are certified and we regularly conduct rescue drills with our staff and the rescue services, for example. In addition to external operators, we also train our staff in our own training unit," says Ville Lumio, responsible for hazardous materials warehouse at Transval.

As concrete examples, Lumio highlights the automatic fire extinguishing and fire detection systems in the warehouses, the collection of possible leaks in the soil, which also covers fire-fighting waste water, and fixed gas vaporizers in the premises. For flammable substances, the facilities are built and designed to protect workers and the environment in the event of potential explosion hazards. The warehouse facilities will be located in locations appropriate to the nature of the operations, with a decision on the location of the Algol Chemicals product warehouse facility to be made closer to the entry into force of the new contract.

Published as News on 26.8.2020 "Algol Chemicals transfers warehouse of chemical products to Transval"

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