ABB relies on Transval’s expertise

Transval is an important part of our logistical operations

Transval serves the ABB Oy Motors and Generators business unit in Helsinki with a package that contains factory logistics, warehouse logistics, packaging services and customized value-added services.
The collaboration began 15 years ago. Over the years, collaboration has expanded and new forms of services have been added to the functioning package.

Transval’s expertise in added-value logistics is evident in the skill of finding solutions to the requirements of our production, says Hannu Uusitalo, who is in charge of the Transval contract at ABB.

– Everyone at Transval is familiar with our operations and operating environment. The long collaboration between the key people is reflected as openness, trust, transparent pricing and the ability to respond to mutual challenges, emphasizes Uusitalo.

– For years, Transval’s experts have played a significant role as developers of ABB’s packages and packaging. We are one of the leading electric power and automation technology groups in the world and our partners must be able to operate in this kind of an environment. In our development projects, we rely on Transval as our industrial logistics and packaging expert, Hannu Uusitalo explains.

– We are always working together to stay up to date as the world changes around us. We are very satisfied with Transval’s operating method, summarizes Hannu Uusitalo.


ABB is a leading electric power and automation technology group. Finland’s ABB Motors and Generators unit invests heavily in the research and product development of motors and generators with high utilization rates. The unit develops and manufactures motors and generators for all industry sectors and applications throughout the world. The factories are located in Helsinki and Vaasa.




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