From summer worker to Operations Manager

In 2020, Juho Haverinen had finished his military service and before applying for studies, Juho's plans included working. Applying for a summer job suited his life situation and Juho hoped that his future job would be physical.

So Juho decided to apply for a warehouse job at Transval and soon the opportunity to start a summer job at a retail warehouse in Lahti came up. "I had no previous experience in warehousing, but I was even more eager to learn new things," Juho says.

The work started with a comprehensive induction, where an inductor accompanied him for a couple of days while he learned the job. Help was always close at hand when everything was still new. The induction is on the terms of the worker, and as soon as you seem to have the hang of it, you can continue working independently.

Juho started on the sound collection side, where, guided by the headphones, you collect the products and drive a small collection truck. At the start of the work day in the collection area, the foreman went through the work situation for the day, followed by a pick-up of the gigs to be collected that day.

Eager to learn something new, Juho was able to learn new tasks, such as reception, and soon he had mastered most of the warehouse tasks. The summer passed quickly, and Juho's ideas about studying changed as the world of logistics took over.

 "I had learned a lot during the summer and had the opportunity to assist the foreman in various tasks. I became interested in career opportunities in logistics and how logistics could be developed," says Juho.

Juho Haverinen

Picture: Juho Haverinen found his way to the logistics through a summer job in Transval

Juho was offered a contract extension and after only six months he was promoted to team leader, from where he later progressed to foreman. Today, Juho's responsibilities have grown even more and he works as an operations manager while studying to become a logistics engineer.

"I would recommend a summer job at Transval to anyone. A summer job at the warehouse is ideal for students of different fields, for example, as a basic understanding of logistics can broaden your views in a new way during your studies. It is also ideal for those who want to pursue a career in logistics. A summer job at Transval can be a good stepping stone to gain skills in a wide range of tasks, which can open up a variety of career opportunities."

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