Transval developed a video identification solution that uses AI to monitor the customer’s production buffe

The project was launched in a warehouse outsourced to Transval. More accurate, real-time visibility was needed for monitoring and managing the stock quantities of production deliveries, to be able to ensure the rolling of the customer's production line and the sufficient buffer levels required by it. The manual monitoring that was in use exposed the operation to human errors and tied up the workforce unnecessarily.

From business development, Riku Koskimaa accepted the challenge and set out to solve the issue. Right from the start, he wanted to create a solution where the actual number of pallets in the production buffer and their movements could be monitored and managed with the help of a camera and machine learning.

Telia and AWS join as project partners

Telia and Amazon Web Services (AWS) were selected as partners for the pilot. Two HD cameras were connected via a private network to Telia's Helsinki data centre, which used Amazon SageMaker to build a machine learning model. The model calculates the number of pallets in a given area, reports on the available space and tracks the movement of pallets from one stack to another. The end result is a real-time, accurate picture of inventory levels.

The automation of the production buffer was excellent - and on a fast schedule

Telia, chosen as the pilot partner, produced an AI solution where cameras are used to monitor the production buffer and artificial intelligence is used to model the number and movement of pallets and the free space in the production buffer.

The solution has proven its functionality during the pilot phase: the monitoring of the number and movement of pallets is accurate. The need for manual buffer management and matching has practically disappeared. The solution also accumulates data, which can be used even more in the future to guide the work and centralize what is done.

The solution has been implemented for the customer’s two departments, but in the future, it is planned to expand it to three other departments as well. In addition, Transval developed an application with the help of an application interface created by Telia, which enables receiving alarms on workers' devices when critical limits are exceeded. The feature has not been implemented yet. 

Power and quality to managing the customer's production buffer

The solution successfully piloted for Transval is yet another example of how the right attitude, good partners and new technologies make it possible to improve customer satisfaction. Together, we quickly and cost-effectively created a user-friendly and visual solution that utilizes data at its source, enabling intelligent and real-time responsiveness. For the benefit of the customer.

Riku Koskimaa explains: "With the solution we developed together, we have significantly increased our ability to get real-time information about the buffer levels in the warehouse. Now we can more easily ensure that the delivery buffer quantities we manage are in accordance with the agreed with our customer and our own goals. With the help of the buffer levels monitored by the solution and the real-time updates made to them, we ensure that our customer has products ready for production when they are needed."

Read more about the project on Telia's media release

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