Transval summer jobs now open

January turned into February, which means that our summer job application is now open.   

Summer jobs available around Finland

We opened applications by region, starting with these locations:

o Greater Helsinki
o Tampere region
o Hyvinkää
o Jyväskylä
o Turku region
o Lahti
o Sipoo

There is a wide variety of places available and we will open more as the needs become clearer in the spring.
You can find all the positions here, and the bot will answer the most frequently asked questions on the page. For more information on each job, please see the job advertisement directly.
Please note that summer job pages are in Finnish.


Summer jobs can also lead to a whole career 

Read Timo Hämäläinen's thoughts in our blog. The blog was published last year, but the main thing hasn't changed: we still have plenty of summer jobs available this year!