Timo Hämäläinen worked as a warehouseman during his summer studies - now he manages a production unit with around 1000 employees and more than 200 customers at Transval

"My very first job was as a shop assistant in a department store at the age of 14. When I came of age, I moved on to become a warehouse worker, working all through college for various companies in the summers and whenever I needed money. That's the path I'm still on after my studies. Although now I work every day," Timo sums up.

Timo's career at Transval started as a warehouse worker, then as a team leader, from there he was promoted to foreman and soon he was asked to take on international assignments in the Baltic countries. After returning to Finland, Timo worked in warehouses in development tasks. At this stage, the work tasks also suited Timo, who was studying for a BBA, Business Administration/HR degree at the same time as working. For the last 5 years he has been working for Transval as Production Manager, responsible for 320 000 m2 of warehouse space, 1000 employees and products and services for over 200 corporate customers.

Who would you recommend a (summer) job in a warehouse to?

"Students. After your summer job, you can continue working with us while you study; you can take on shifts when it suits you best. And you get butter on your bread at the same time. And if your studies are related to your field, we offer good career opportunities. In a large company, you can work in the warehouse as an IT manager, customer service representative, quality and development manager or even in process development. And of course for people who are interested in the sector in general - you can do and learn many different jobs in the warehouse if you want to. We teach you how to drive a forklift truck, how to work safely and, of course, we give you an introduction to each job. You work independently, even if you work as a team."

What kind of team can you join in a warehouse?

"The people in Transval are cheerful and active, with the right attitude and motivation to work. Logistics work is physical work, so a lot of us are physically active. A large number of people have been with us for a long time, some are newcomers to the industry, and some are students who take on shifts whenever it suits them. This team is made up of a wide range of skills and people!

There is a sense of humour, a safe and comfortable working environment. We have employees from dozens of different cultures, so we are a very multicultural work community. You don't have to know Finnish for every job, so we also have jobs for people who speak English. I've made a lot of friends from my summer jobs, so in the best case scenario, you'll also make friends here.

In which cities are there (summer) jobs available?

"Most places are in Vantaa and Lahti. Some jobs are in Kerava and Tuusula. This year we will also be using our brand new warehouse in Sipoo."

What do you offer to (summer) workers?

"A safe working environment, fair colleagues. Orientation and guidance on work tasks, occupational health services, high-quality work clothes, the same tools as for all other employees, the services of the Work Wellbeing Foundation, a responsible company work culture and values. Salary in line with job requirements and employee experience, discounts and benefits also from our partners. And, for example, training courses from our own training unit.

One good point is that we are a pioneer and market leader in the logistics sector. So we have access to good, I would say the best learning."

What are the requirements for a summer job?

"The attitude towards the job has to be right, as well as the motivation. Good physical condition and sufficient speed are trump cards. We value attentiveness, a sense of humour. You must be of legal age. Some of the tasks can be done in English, otherwise you must be proficient in Finnish. We want to ensure safe working and communication among the team."