Major investment: €37 million warehouse for logistics company Transval

The 30 000 m2, 400 000 cubic meter warehouse building for logistics company Transval is the latest major logistics investment in Finland. Construction work on the 6.5 hectare site in Bastukärr, Sipoo, will start in February. The warehouse, the size of more than four football pitches, will be completed in 2022. The purchase price of the land and the construction costs of the warehouse will be around EUR 37 million.


"This is a major investment for us. We are proud to offer our customers sustainable warehouse, we are investing two million euros in green energy solutions. The investment in the new warehouse building supports our goal to grow in logistics outsourcing solutions and material management services and to ensure industry leadership and market leadership in Finland. The estimated growth in the logistics outsourcing rate of companies operating in Finland over the next 10 years is close to 20%, with a market value of EUR 100 million," says Sakari Kiiskinen, Transval's President and CEO.


Kiiskinen says that companies need efficient, versatile and environmentally responsible warehouse services. A major driver of change in the need to outsource logistics, such as warehousing, is the flexibility of the physical space and the number of people and skills needed to provide the service to meet companies' current needs. In seasonal peaks in volume, companies need a significant amount more space for their products than in normal day-to-day operations. Other drivers, according to Kiiskinen, include risk sharing, the use of new logistics technologies and expertise through a partner, and the need for companies to focus on their core business.

- Especially in exceptional situations, companies should ensure that they have a sufficient warehouse buffer, i.e. products should be stored in warehouses geographically located in Finland, thus reducing dependence on imports in exceptional circumstances. The warehouse in Sipoos is designed specifically to meet the needs of the import, wholesale and retail food trade. A decision on whether the warehouse will be temperature-controlled will be taken early in the year.

Two million euros for green energy solutions

During the construction phase, €2 million has been earmarked for investment in so-called green energy solutions.

"In the construction process, choices are made with regard to the energy efficiency of the building and its carbon dioxide emissions. For example, geothermal solutions will be used to heat the building and solar energy will be used to generate electricity. Building services systems are controlled using advanced automation solutions to ensure energy-efficient use of the building. Energy that is not produced on site is purchased as carbon-free energy," says Kiiskinen.

Transval and its parent company Posti are determined to work towards their zero emission target - the goal is to achieve zero emissions by 2030. The companies are already 100% carbon neutral through offsets.

According to Pirjo Sirén, Development Director of Sipoo Municipality, this is one of the most significant investments in Sipoo. "We are very pleased that as a result of good cooperation, a modern, sustainable warehouse will now be built in the Bastukärri area. The jobs created by the project are also warmly welcomed."

The warehouse will use modern technology and automation

In addition to fixed warehouse shelves, the warehouse will have electronically controlled transfer racking systems. Transfer racks will even double the warehouse capacity of a fixed racking system for the same size area. Of the almost sixty electric trucks planned for the warehouse, one third will be unmanned, i.e. automatic trucks. The warehouse has 8 000 m2 of temperature-controlled warehouse space with a temperature range of +16 to +19°C.

The combined vehicles entering the warehouse are guided by a digital control system which automatically identifies and directs them to a pre-planned unloading or loading bay. In total, the warehouse has 28 loading bays for combined vehicles and 10 loading bays for vans.

The warehouse employs around 100 people

The new Transval warehouse in Sipoo is expected to provide jobs for 100 logistics professionals. The staff facilities are designed for up to 150 employees.

- In total, Transval employs nearly 5 000 logistics professionals. Around 1,000 people work in our own warehouses, the others at our customers' premises in factories, production plants, terminals, ports or in shops and stores, for example," concludes Kiiskinen.

Basic information:

The warehouse is heated by geothermal solutions and the electricity is generated by solar energy. Energy that is not produced on site is sourced as carbon-free energy

Located in the Bastukärr area of Sipoo. The land purchased from the municipality of Sipoo covers 6.5 hectares. The address is Rahtiraitti 1, Sipoo

Employs around 70-100 logistics professionals

Total investment in the construction project of more than EUR 37 million, of which EUR 2.4 million is the purchase price of the land

Warehouse size of approximately 30 000 m2 (400 000 m3)

  • The warehouse is 220 m wide and 121 m long, with a free height of 12 m
  • The warehouse has about 70 000 pallet spaces
  • 27 000 of these are temperature-controlled (+16 - +19 C° )
  • The yard has 28 loading bays for combined vehicles and 10 for vans.
  • Built by Posti Kiinteistöt Oy and Fira Group Oy, the warehouse will be used by Transval.

Transval has approximately 350 000 m2 of its own warehouse space in Finland. They are certified in accordance with quality, environmental, health and safety (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001). The company also holds permits for the large-scale warehouse of dangerous goods, including chemical products, to the fullest extent required by law. There will be no warehouse of dangerous goods at the Sipoo warehouse.

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