Customer satisfaction is number one priority for Kaha

Quick delivery times and the minimization of errors are the most significant components in the logistical chain. In Kaha’s case, orders must reach clients the morning after they are placed – or even on the same day in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

“We have engaged in successful collaboration with Transval since 2008. In addition to the packaging and dispatch centres, Transval manages the voice-controlled package collection system. The flexibility and expertise in in-house logistics that Transval bring to us, combined with transaction-based pricing, serves our needs in a fantastic manner. The partnership offers us flexible access to human resources, which means we always have the right number of professionals available depending on our changing needs”, Kaha’s Logistics Manager Seppo Niskanen explains.




An innovative car industry wholesaler with a long history

Kaha is known as a solidly developing and trustworthy auto industry wholesaler, whose operations are client-based and who invests in a functional package: high-quality brand-name products, well-known and distinguished clients, extensive selection, product and sales training for staff and clients, efficient logistics and diverse marketing.

Strategy based on the customer promise

“In 2007 we made the strategic decision to improve availability.  This created a need for flexible human resourcing, which in turn resulted in our partnership with Transval beginning in 2008.” Kaha’s bold move paid off – its effects on the retailers have been very positive and Kaha’s position in the market has strengthened.

Their collaboration with Transval has expanded step by step and turned into an open partnership where the shared goal is to guarantee a high-quality customer experience to the retailers. “Being able to fulfil our customer promise is, of course, extremely important to us. The customer will receive the delivery on the next day. It’s a big promise – the number of orders may vary up to 25 % from day to day – but we are able to keep it.”

Transval offers optimized flexibility

The results of the partnership are visible on many different levels. “Transval provides additional resources when the situation changes quickly. It allows us to have skilled personnel handling the collection and packaging so that it’s done before eight in the evening. This help is extremely valuable to us – with just our own resources this would not be possible.” Niskanen highlights Transval’s major role in the implementation of the Lean project. “The results speak for themselves. The one-year-long Lean project has had immediate effects on the warehouse’s layout and therefore also on productivity, job satisfaction and safety.”

Measuring is the best mirror for continuous development

Kaha continuously measures the performance of its internal logistics. “The process must run smoothly – we have strict monthly goals for both output and delivery correctness.” Kaha is a forerunner in the industry and invests in the continuous development of their operations.

Openness builds trust – every day

It is evident that Kaha and Transval work together to keep the customer promise given to retailers. Our collaboration is efficient and open and everything is being advanced very proactively.  It is obvious we have mutual trust and a good relationship.  “I like it that Transval never pushes anything that we don’t need. Instead, we are on the same side of the table. Transaction-based pricing works very well for us and the open calculation models encourage both us and Transval employees to always do our best.”

“We want to be one step ahead of our competition. Due to their experience and the scope of their operations, Transval can help us by offering new ideas that we can test and implement. We benefit from the fact that Transval’s employees work in several locations. This helps us stay up to date about ideas that could help us, too.”

  • An importer and a wholesaler of spare parts and accessories for private and utility vehicles, as well as tools and components for the vehicle industry.
  • Founded in 1934
  • Member of the largest spare part free trade group in the Nordic countries, K.G. Knutsson. The group comprises subsidiaries in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
  • More than 350,000 items, 85,000 of which have an inventory balance
  • 26,500 m2 warehouse
  • Turnover approx. 80 M€
  • 160 staff members

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