Transval is prepared for different kinds of exceptional circumstances and has raised its current level of preparedness because of the coronavirus.

Transval acts according to the instructions provided by Finnish government officials (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) and protects the health of its personnel and customers according to these instructions.

Transval Group and its subsidiaries HumanLink Oy and KV Turva Oy are subsidiaries of Posti Group, which is part of the critical operators / companies in Finland.

29.6.2020: We will continue to be prepared for the rest of this year

Finland has started to gradually remove the restrictive measures set in these exceptional circumstances. At Transval, we will continue to comply with the previously announced instructions until the end of August.

Our basic principle is that we only come to work when healthy. Starting from September 1, 2020, our employees can return to their workplaces. However, we recommend that our employees continue to telework until the end of this year if their work tasks allow teleworking. Only part of the personnel will work at workplaces at the same time, the maximum being approximately 50% of each team. We will instruct the employees returning to offices and workplaces on enhanced hygiene measures and keeping a safe distance to others present.

Lunch and coffee breaks will be organized in shifts. We continue to recommend that our employees travel to work on foot, by bicycle or using their own car, when possible.

We recommend that our employees limit their travel within Finland to a minimum and avoid all travel abroad. After a possible trip abroad, we recommend teleworking for 14 days.

We will continue to arrange customer meetings and meetings virtually by using remote connections. Physical meetings will be arranged only if physical presence is necessary. External visitors are not permitted in the production facilities.

Our partners, subcontractors and contractors must comply with the same instructions as Transval’s employees.

Have a safe summer!

4.6.2020: Transval continues in line with its previous policies and practices for protection against coronavirus infections

Restrictions imposed in exceptional circumstances have been gradually lifted in Finland. As a service provider and employer, Transval has an important role in ensuring that employees work in a healthy and safe way. For this reason, we will continue with the previously instructed measures and guidelines to further protect our personnel and customers from coronavirus infections. The measures and guidelines are valid until the end of August.

We are closely monitoring the progress of the coronavirus pandemic and are ready to react quickly, if the situation requires. We act in accordance with the instructions of the Finnish authorities.

6.5.2020: Transval’s cleaning partner conducts daily enhanced cleaning on Transval’s own premises

We comply with the official guidelines and update our own policies accordingly.

If our employee becomes infected while working on the customer’s premises, we will report this to the customer immediately after receiving the information about the infection. However, we always comply with the Personal Data Act and respect the privacy of individuals. By taking prompt action, we can prevent the further spread of the virus.

If an employee working on our own premises becomes infected, we will report this to customers if the situation so requires. We will openly report infections to our personnel according to our guidelines, while always complying with the Personal Data Act.

We will do our best to plan and carry out the work and shifts of our personnel so that there are no interruptions or delays in the service provided to the customer.

According to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the coronavirus primarily spreads via droplets or contact when a person coughs or sneezes. According to the current information, the role of surfaces is not significant in the spread of the virus. Due to their structure, coronaviruses do not remain infectious on surfaces for a long time, especially in alternating temperatures. There are currently no discoveries of contagion via surfaces, food or items.

21.4.2020: Our services are working well, staff is doing well – no changes to previous updates

9.4.2020: Our staff is doing well and our services are working well, e-commerce picking services in high demand

Transval employees follow enhanced personal safety and hygiene instructions and also responsible behavior.

We will continue the enhanced cleaning level and cycle in our warehouse facilities.

  • Our staff is doing well, our services are working well.
  • Demand for food and other e-commerce picking services has increased.
  • Demand for product shelving services has increased.
  • There has been an increased demand for warehouse space, as well as for the e-commerce service in our warehouses.
  • Our pick-up warehouse for e-commerce in Vantaa (Postimiehenkuja 1) is also open on Easter. At our warehouse in Vantaa, near the road Ring III, you can pick up prepaid large household appliances that we already have in our warehouse. We are open for Easter: Fri 10.4. 11-19, Sat 11.4. 9-18, Sun 12.4. 12-18 and Mon 9-21. We follow safe service guidelines at the pick-up warehouse.

If you are customer of Posti, please read about how Posti is prepared for the spread of the coronavirus from here.

30.3.2020 The ban on crossing the Uusimaa border does not affect freight traffic

The restriction of traffic between the province of Uusimaa and other provinces from 28 March 2020 onwards, does not appear to have an effect on the movement of freight traffic to or from our warehouses. According to the Finnish government, freight traffic has a right of way in the isolation situation in Uusimaa.

27.3.2020 Restriction of crossing the provincial border of Uusimaa: estimated to have no impact on Transval Group’s operations

On Wednesday, March 25, the government announced that traffic between Uusimaa and other provinces will be restricted. The restrictions do not apply to movement within Uusimaa. The purpose of the movement restrictions is to curb the spread of coronavirus from Uusimaa to other parts of Finland. The restriction would be enforced from Saturday, March 28, 2020, after the approval by the Finnish government. The restriction would remain in effect until April 19, 2020

According to current information, this restriction on mobility would not affect the operations, services or mobility of workers in course of their work at Transval, HumanLink (voimahyllytys) or KV Turva. Transval Group and its subsidiaries HumanLink Oy and KV Turva Oy are subsidiaries of Posti Group, which is part of the critical operators / companies in Finland.

We act in accordance with the instructions of the Finnish authorities (THL, STM) and protect the health of our personnel and our customers in accordance with the instructions. In addition to these guidelines, we have stricter operating and work instructions for our staff. At our customers’ premises we always follow our customers’ instructions if they are more accurate than our own. Our staff is instructed to follow all instructions and regulations.

24.3.2020: Transval takes swift, responsible action in response to the situation facing its customer companies – planning to implement work flexibly according to customer needs 

We are preparing for potential future changes in our customer company’s needs. The coronavirus epidemic may require changes in volumes or personnel needs. We are now preparing for this and conducting negotiations with our personnel. The aim is to ensure our ability to respond to our customer company’s needs as well as possible – either by increasing the number of personnel according to your needs or by temporarily decreasing our capacity. Please read more!

23.3.2020: No changes to previous updates

19.3.2020 Preventive measures plan: Contract logistics

Transval has approximately 350,000 square meters of storage space with products from several customers. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to assure the continuation of operation of our services, we have made preventive measures in our warehouses as follows:

Cleanliness of our storage facilities: Cleaning levels and cycles have been further increased

  • Additional daily cleaning, focusing on cleaning surfaces and contamination risk areas in production and social areas. Readiness to disinfect contaminated areas.
  • We have effective and environmentally friendly disinfection methods and agents. The premises are quickly and safely accessed with a spray cartridge in about an hour, with ECOstatic Sprayer and aerosol instantly. After disinfection, antimicrobial protection is maintained for up to 4 weeks (depending on the material and wear). The spraying is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, yeasts, waterborne microbes and, for example, mycobacteria.

Increased personal safety, hygiene and procedures are used by all our staff

  • Hygiene instructions to protect yourself and others from coronavirus infection (including washing your hands and coughing hygiene and other procedures). We do telework when the job permits and visits to our production facilities are forbidden (from 10th of March).
  • We avoid in-house visits between different locations, meetings are held as remote meetings.
  • We have internal policies to deal with illness (as of 10th of March) which have been walked through with our staff. You are not allowed to come to work when sick, and we have instructed all of our staff on what to do if they suspect they have contracted or have contracted the coronavirus.

Active communication and information spreading to all staff is key

We hold briefings for supervisors at least twice a week. We communicate and chat with our staff through the intranet, email, SMS, on-site information displays and bulletin boards.

Partners and subcontractors

  • We have instructed our partners and subcontractors (such as transport personnel) to follow the same guidelines as our staff. In addition, the movement of external partners in the storage area and in public areas (eg cafeteria, break rooms, WC) is prohibited. We have ensured the use and sufficiency of the hand sanitizer, for example, in the loading areas of the warehouses and at the collection points. Temporary toilets are provided in the yards of the warehouses for the use of drivers. (from March 13th)

We are also prepared to maintain critical operations and provide customer service as follows:

  • We have the same warehouse management systems in all warehouses
  • Customer operations are documented in operating manuals and work instructions that allow personnel to move between units
  • Employees have been cross-trained in the various jobs in the warehouses to allow rotation
  • Pre-defined contingency plan for critical tasks
  • Enhanced daily resource planning and follow up with plans to temporarily transfer and relocate personnel to other warehouses
  • Possibility of transferring administration and support staff to production tasks, if required

We monitor the situation in real time and, when necessary, prioritize our processes according to the criticality of the situation. We also update plans and guidelines as quickly as the situation requires.


If you are customer of Posti, please read about how Posti is prepared for the spread of the coronavirus from here.

Preparing for different exceptional situations is a normal procedure for us at Transval. At the moment, our preparedness level has been increased due to the coronavirus situation.

Transval acts in accordance with the Finnish authority instructions (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) and protects the safety of its employees and customers according to these instructions.


Coronavirus has not affected to our services (Transval, HumanLink, KV Turva) so far. We serve our customers as usual (Warehouse Services, In-House Logistics solutions, Industrial Services, People Solutions, Store Services/shelving etc., Remote Monitoring). We h.ave added precautions to minimize the risk of infectious disease chains.

The Transval emergency team is on standby 24/7/365

The Transval multi-professional emergency team is on standby 24/7/365. The task of the emergency team is to ensure Transval’s functional operations, to make sure that we can serve our customers with the available means and to communicate about the situation both internally and externally.

Transval will contact its customers in a potential force majeure situation. Such situations may take place, for example, if the number of sick people increases so much that even our resources planned for exceptional circumstances are unavailable or if the official authority instructions limit the movement of people.

The continuity of our services is based on securing our staff’s health

At Transval, we will do our very best to serve our customers according to what has been agreed. Transval’s operations are based on the company’s high number of functioning personnel and, therefore, special attention is paid to ensuring the health and well-being of our personnel.

Transval has also assessed its partners’ continuity plans to guarantee the successfulness of its operating chain during exceptional situations.

In addition to the authority instructions, Transval has its own, internal and more specific instructions that are used to guarantee the continuity of the company’s service process with as little disruption as possible during exceptional circumstances. Work will be performed according to these instructions in order to ensure that our employees do not spread the virus or contract the virus themselves. Unless the situation changes, these instructions are valid at least until the end of May. We will actively assess the instructions.

Transval has obligations regarding national exceptional circumstances

During exceptional circumstances, Transval prioritises matters related to general safety: services related to health and safety and other services defined by the authorities. These services secure stability during exceptional circumstances.

Measures to ensure the health of our staff and customers:

  • Our personnel has been instructed about the importance of hygiene and how to proceed with potential symptoms of an illness. It is important to be able to minimise contagious disease chains. At the workplaces, a digital occupational health clinic and advisory services are available to our personnel in addition to the general instructions. The supervisors and employees have been instructed regarding how to proceed if someone at the workplace falls ill.
  • We limit the number of people spending time in the staff rooms at the same time and stagger breaks. We have also increased the level of hygiene maintenance in communal staff rooms.
  • We do not participate in external events or meetings
  • If our employee has been on a trip abroad after 12 March, they stay at home for 14 days and work remotely if possible
  • The level of cleaning at the Transval premises has been increased according to the instructions by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. We are prepared to disinfect the premises 24/7. Hand sanitisers have been added to all Transval operation and production facilities.
  • We have further increased the cleaning and hygiene level and cycle at our production facilities
  • Outside visits to Transval’s warehouses, offices and operating facilities have been limited. All visits that can be postponed to a later date have been cancelled for the time being.
  • For the time being, all meetings at Transval will be held remotely whenever possible.
  • If the situation and type of work allows, it is recommended to work remotely
  • The (international) transport companies delivering materials to our warehouses must adhere to our employee instructions. The drivers may enter the building to perform loading and fastening procedures. The movement of persons not belonging to the group of Transval employees or partners is prohibited in the warehouse / production facility areas. Close contact is avoided when signing waybills

Transval employees working at the customer premises adhere to the customer’s instructions if the customer instructions are more precise than Transval’s instructions.

Changes have been made to our services’ operating models in order to prevent infections

Careful preparing for the spreading and prevention of the virus has brought – and, if necessary, will continue to bring – changes to the operating models of Transval’s services. It is important to adhere to the provided instructions when meeting our customers in order to ensure the wellbeing of both the customers and the personnel.

Transval regularly communicates to its customers

Transval informs its customers about the situation on the company website at daily or various times a day, if required by the situation. Transval’s appointed customer contact persons agree about the common operating methods related to other exchange of information together with the customers.


Transval is prepared for different kinds of exceptional circumstances and has raised its current level of preparedness because of the coronavirus.

Transval acts according to the instructions provided by Finnish government officials (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) and protects the health of its personnel and customers according to these instructions.

We will take immediate precautionary actions against the coronavirus in Transval Group

Transval has refined its guidelines for meetings, gatherings, and visits to minimize the risk of infectious disease chains and still keep operations in place to serve its customers.

Transval Group has deployed temporary precautionary actions to ensure the company’s operational capability and to promote the health of its employees and customers. As a precautionary action

  • Visits to Transval warehouses, offices or premises are limited. All visits that may be postponed to a later date will be canceled indefinitely. Visitors and visitor groups will be contacted regarding the situation
  • We prefer digital meetings/remote meetings in every possible situation
  • All the time when possible, we prefer teleworking, we do not attend trade fairs or public events.

Transval employees working at customer’s premises will comply with the customer’s instructions as long as the customer’s instructions are more accurate than those of Transval.

The above precautionary actions are temporary and will be maintained until the end of March 2020. We are constantly monitoring the situation and updating our policies and actions if needed.

Four facts about Transval’s preparedness for the coronavirus

  1. Transval monitors the situation daily – exceptional circumstance working group in action 24/7/365

Transval has a multidisciplinary follow-up group that monitors the coronavirus situation daily. The members take part in the work of the follow-up group in addition to their normal duties. The group receives and acquires up-to-date information from the government officials and those responsible for health care services. The follow-up group reports on the situation internally and externally.

Transval’s multidisciplinary group for exceptional circumstances is on call 24/7/365 as the situation requires. The task of the exceptional circumstances working group is to ensure Transval’s operations and customer service with the means available and report on the situation internally and externally.

Transval has statutory obligations related to national exceptional circumstances. The objective of the exceptional circumstances working group or groups is to ensure:

– The prioritization of obligations related to general safety
– That Transval’s operations can be prioritized, if necessary, in such a way that its services can be maintained for as long as possible as expected by government officials and other customers.
– In case of a force majeure, Transval contacts the government officials and its other customers. There are a number of situations where this may be the case. For example, if the number of people who have fallen ill because of the virus on the national or regional level becomes so great that the resources planned for the exceptional circumstances are not available, or the movement of people is restricted by guidelines from government officials.

    2.  Information for customers at Transval’s website and via contact persons

Transval informs its customers of the situation on its website and via our customer contact persons. We will report on the situation once or several times a day, depending on the need.

    3. According to the current information, the coronavirus is not spread via items

According to THL, the handling of items or food items imported or sent from regions affected by the epidemic do not according to current information present a risk of contagion in Finland. If the situation changes and the government officials issue new information, Transval has the capacity to react to the situation rapidly.

    4. Personnel have been instructed on hand and coughing hygiene and travel

Transval has issued instructions to its entire personnel on good hand and coughing hygiene and stresses its importance.

Transval’s personnel have also been issued with instructions in accordance with the travel guidelines provided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. As an employer, Transval recommends restricting travel to certain regions and re-evaluating the necessity of work-related travel abroad.

The personnel have also been issued with instructions on how to act if infection is suspected. In such a situation, the occupational health care guidelines are applied.