Transval and Gubbe join forces: work for Jenna and company for senior citizen Margit

In November, we started working with Gubbe Ltd, a provider of non-medical services for the elderly. Through our partnership, the young person will get a part-time job at Gubbe, in a role that is meaningful to them, for a year. The young people will act as Gubbe friends for lonely senior citizens visiting them on a weekly basis. In turn, the elderly receive help with everyday tasks, outdoor companionship, a conversation partner or someone who is present and listens.

Our greetings to you Margit 90 years old: a heartfelt thank you for allowing us to be part of your daily life and to follow Jenna and you every month. We wish you a happy and colourful autumn - and safe outdoor activities in the soon-to-be-cooling outdoor air. You're always welcome to visit or have a cup of coffee with us too! And the same invitation goes out to you, of course, Jenna.

We encourage companies to get involved in hiring young people

Gubbe hires young people - and we have hired several hundred young people for logistics jobs this year, some of them logistics professionals, some of them newcomers. We also employ young people in difficult situations, at risk of exclusion, through the Youth into Workprogram . You may have read how Viktor and Ada took off towards their dreams. We are proud to have been part of their life path. Not always do our companies need to hire dozens or hundreds of young people, even one job and enabling one young person to change their life is meaningful.

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