Miika Tiri strengthens our construction logistics capabilities and breaks myths at construction sites

Miika Tiri brings strong expertise on construction logistics and shares how a holistic logistics partner can boost efficiency at construction sites.  

Miika brings solid experience from construction logistics and construction site services to the company. In Transval, Miika brings strength to our construction logistics team and joins us in finding solutions that support our customers’ work. 

Materials in the right place at the right time  

At construction sites, we take over logistics and make sure that materials are in the right place at the right time. Miika recognizes that the traditional way to handle logistics wastes time and resources at many sites. 
Materials are often moved from one place to another, which may cause them to break or get left in a warehouse to collect dust. When they are needed, time is wasted trying to find them. As a solution, construction sites often order extra materials, which causes waste – not to mention the wasted time caused by moving materials around and coordinating deliveries. 

“Everything that happens on a construction site boils down to logistics and how well it works – or doesn’t,” Miika points out. 

Transval Miika Tiri 5 contactsPicture: Miika Tiri wants to increase understanding on what logistics professionals can offer to construction professionals. 

Aiming for a more efficient construction site  

A logistics partner can save time and improve efficiency at construction sites. When we plan construction logistics together, we make sure that the daily work runs smoothly and on schedule.   

“Studies have found that only 20 to 25 percent of a technician’s work at construction sites is efficient installation work. At the same time, schedules at construction sites are becoming tighter and in this economic situation many are looking to save costs. When we plan the work together, employees at construction sites can focus on their job. You can see the impact financially,” Miika says.

We support throughout the different work stages at construction sites, allowing employees to focus on their professional work. We help ensure safe working conditions: we for example guide lifting work, do guards and install construction site power supplies, railings, and temporary stairs. We also take care of construction support, cleaning, and clearing work. 

Construction logistics is an opportunity 

A common attitude at construction sites is that the best way to do things is to do them yourself. Miika wants to break persistent myths and increase understanding on what logistics professionals can offer to construction professionals. 

 “Construction logistics is not an expense, it’s an opportunity. We bring efficiency, smoothness, and savings to your everyday work,” he says. 

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