Transval Academy

Transval Academy

Everyone has a chance to improve their skills

Transval Academy gives every Transval employee the opportunity to developing their professional skills. Transval Academy offers opportunities to newcomers and experienced supervisors alike. The most important requirement is a desire to learn more about the continuously developing world of internal logistics – whether it’s on the practical level or about methods, process management, tools or customer service.

The central themes of the Academy’s development program are the development of expertise in one’s own specialty, mentoring and identifying personal potential. In practice, this means that we map what kind of additional skills are needed and create tailor-made development paths. This way, all employees have an opportunity to seek training and development programs designed for them. This also helps us identify the persons who have supervisor potential.

Rotation opportunities in different units provide our employees with varied work experience and the chance to develop their skills in different warehousing, terminal and industrial service positions. Varied tasks improve team spirit, job satisfaction and success.

In addition, Transval Academy guarantees that we can always offer our customers top-notch logistics expertise in every area of operations. The Academy also provides support when customer organizations undergo changes that mean there is a need to create retraining paths.

An employee’s path of development

  • Transval orientation
  • Vocational basic qualifications
  • Precision trainings

A manager’s path of development

  • Transval orientation
  • Transval manager training
  • Vocational basic qualifications
  • Vocational specialist qualifications
  • Precision trainings

Lean Six Sigma trainings

  • Black Belt
  • Green Belt

Precision trainings

  • Well-being at work card
  • Occupational safety card
  • First aid training
  • Fire work licence
  • Load securing
  • Cargo safety and securing
  • Truck driver’s licence
  • Crane driver’s licence
  • Safety training
  • Project manager training
  • ADR (carriage of dangerous goods)