Terminal Services

Terminal Services

Terminals are critically important logistics nodes

Successful terminal operations require a multi-dimensional overview of the goods that are continuously moving in and out of the terminal. In this 24 hours a day flow, Transval’s optimized process, skilled personnel and up-to-date equipment really prove their value. They guarantee that materials are quickly forwarded from the terminal to their destinations and ensure that the process is logistically efficient.

Terminal services consist of loading, unloading and sorting services, as well as outdoor processing area services such as lifting and the maintenance of yard areas. All of Transval’s services carry transaction-based pricing. At terminals this means a pre-agreed price for each processed ton of goods.

For parceled goods, we produce extensive terminal services at our forwarding and transport clients’ terminals. Additionally, we use large equipment, including terminal tractors, to process long and heavy goods on our facilities’ outdoor processing areas. At ports, we focus on handling paper rolls and vehicle logistics.

We also offer limited transport services, including crane trucks, semi-trailers and vans.

Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to tell you more about how we can bring more functionality and efficiency to your challenging terminal environment.

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